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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. matti55
    Really tempted to pick one of these up simply just based on how cool it looks. Are there any other options out there with such a nice looking interface and such a variety of settings? Any recommendations for an amp pairing?
  2. tekkster
    I agree, I really love this unit. Dunno of anything else that has the same analyzer. I pair with the iFi iCan Pro, and love it with the HD800 for classical music
  3. SuperelvinSH
    Only regarding "sound quality", how does this compares to a Mojo or a iDSD Black Label?
  4. gepardcv
    The Mytek line has spectrum analyzers and some interesting preamp features (a phono stage, I believe?) along with a distinctive industrial design. Somewhat pricier than RME, though, and lacks DSP features.
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  5. matti55
    Interesting, the Brooklyn+ dac looks pretty good, but I guess the ADI-2 has it beat in value to price ratio.
  6. Phoniac
    I've never seen an analyzer screen on any Mytek product, only level meters. AFAIK the only product with a similar analyzer is the Lynx HiLo. The Oppo HA-1 did have an 'Analyzer' style display, but it sucked big time in resolution and accuracy.
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  7. devante1977
    I demo'd the mytek brooklyn dac+ at a retailer and it was awesome...if you are trying to justify or compare the price, it really depends on how important those features are to you. Personally, I went the RME route due to price (bought it at a used price) and what I needed, then went on to compare what I wanted....smarter play was obviously the RME and haven't looked back/have regrets.
  8. occamsrazor
    If you like flashing lights.... analyzer and level meters.... :)

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  9. Phoniac
    Where da bass?

  10. VRacer-111

    It's kind of unique in all that it does and its layout, not sure of anything else that is like it. For my pairing, really like it with my NAD C275BEE which brings warmth and dynamics while the more neutral RME ADI-2 DAC brings excellent clarity and black level to things. Perfect for my STAX setup.
  11. tekkster
    I have all three products. And my sound preferences lean towards less bass, more mid, clear treble. My ears aren't that great, so my opinion may not matter much.
    To me, the iDSD BL is the bassiest of the bunch by its very nature. Turn on the bass boost feature, and it's enough to make my HD800s sound bassy (though a little muddy at times). The Mojo has the most detail, as in, it brings up minor details to make them more prominent, and makes very small details that are invisible on many other DACs, visible.
    The RME ADI-2 doesn't quite attain the level of detail of the Mojo (again, just really bringing up lower or smaller sounds more than anything else), but I would say it clearly beats the iDSD BL in my book for detail, nice sound separation.

    When set to a flat EQ, the RME doesn't quite have the impact and oomph of the iDSD BL, but with the RME, you have a TON of control over EQ, plus, you can change the default bass through settings, separate from the EQ settings. So producing an ideal sound for any headphone is relatively easy. If you want bass, it's there.
    Even better, you can save multiple EQ and Headphone settings, depending on the headphone you use, which is a huge plus.

    Add to that the balanced outs to connect to an amp, and you have one seriously versatile system in an unbelievably tiny package.

    I never use the iDSD BL anymore. It's just a backup in case I intent to travel and the MojoPoly isn't working for whatever reason.

    I also have the Jot, which doesn't get used much anymore either.

    And finally, I have the Hugo 2, which I use when walking around the house, but will probably become my primary if I ever save up enough for the M Scaler.

    Seriously, though, the RME is so great at fine tuning a sound profile, and also analyzing frequencies of songs and instruments and voices, that I can't imagine ever not having it as my primary or secondary system.
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  12. knopi
    Brooklyn as DAC is great. As dac/preamp it is also very very fine still high level. But if someone will borrow really quality reference preamp than wow, more aim on core more denser cleaner more dynamic pin point stage calm flow adulter.
    And last one as headphone amp it is the real one weakness in my eyes but I think that problem have most of the dac/amps and probably including RME or maybe headphones are just bad suck :grinning:.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018
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  13. SuperelvinSH
    Thanks for the complete answer!
    I'm actually very happy with the Mojo but I was thinking about getting the iDSD BL over the Mojo because it's seems to be way more powerful and its more versatile but wow, if the SQ/level of detail is that bad in comparison, I will be disappointed. I guess I will have to try the BL first...
    The RME will probably be my "end game"
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  14. tekkster
    I think I might have given the wrong impression. It's true that the iDSD BL is not as good in detail as the Mojo or ADI-2 DAC. But it's still a ton more detail than going straight from a PC or a smart phone. It's great. To me, the iDSD BL is only disappointing when I switch to it after using the Mojo or Hugo 2 for a long time and am listening to the same songs. But if I'm just listening to the BL, it sounds amazing, especially as a transportable device with a battery.

    It's just not quite as good at detail retrieval as the Mojo. Which, doesn't matter for a lot of music. It really only matters for music with a ton of complexity. Like orchestral classical pieces, ensemble jazz, etc.
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  15. cardeli22
    Realistically I have seen countless personal opinions going back and forth about which people prefer (the Mojo or the micro BL). I have heard both before I purchased the BL and thought they both have a great sound just different. I chose the BL because of its versatility and more powerful amp but realistically I could have chosen the Mojo too and been happy as well. As usual try when you can or find a place to buy with a good return policy.
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