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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. Tsukuyomi
    Good thing you're getting it friday, you can spend the weekend reading the manual first. :) and yes it will sound fantastic out of the box.
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  2. bryceu
    ADI-2 replaced Mimby for me as well. You're going to love it, congrats!
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  3. Kitechaser
    So I messed around with settings on my JRiver music player, found the headphone settings, and......
    Wow!! This DAC is no joke, the iem output is incredible, I was not expecting that.
    Resolution is incredible, separation, tonality are top notch. Stage is incredibly wide, sounds like it never ends. Background is jet black.
    I just bought this for my speakers, but wow the iem output has me stunned.
    RME did a hell of a job.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2019
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  4. acguitar84
    Dang this RME DAC. I want to stay up all night listening, but have to work tomorrow morning!
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  5. Kitechaser
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2019
  6. Majestyk
    Does this DAC generate heat when powered off? My place can get quite hot in the summer and some hot days I take a break from listening to music. Would be nice not to have to unplug it.
  7. Quinto
  8. WildStyle-R11
    The hell kind of broken device generate heat when turned off?
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  9. Majestyk
    Many things. My PVR is one of them.
  10. Allanmarcus
    if it's generating heat, it's not off.
  11. Majestyk
    My PVR goes into standby. I have a Logitech Transporter that goes into standby as well and never truly shuts off, thus it also produces heat. Obviously the ADI-2 completely powers down.
  12. Allanmarcus
    Sure, it has to stay "on" to monitor and record.

    One good way to determine debt generation is to look at idle power usage. For the ADI-2: Standby power consumption: 120 mW (10 mA)
    120 mW is virtually nothing. Probably just the power needed for the red LED around the power button.
  13. bryceu
    Following up again with a slightly revised opinion of the ADI-2 DAC (amp portion) vs the THX 789. After doing some more listening with my various headphones plus my newly re-acquired Andromeda. To summarize it as easily and simply as I can, the ADI-2 has more body while the 789 has greater stage size, speed, and dynamics. In my earlier comparison I don't feel like I gave the ADI-2's amp as much credit as it deserves as it does quite a nice job. But with that said the 789 the increased speed and room to work within the stage creates an airy and large sound that I appreciate, despite it running a tad lean.
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  14. mixman
    I agree. I have compared them extensively and switch back and forth every day. The 789 is my go to for better staging and dynamics, but the ADI has a little more up top and even slightly in the low end. It doesn't sound as spacious as the THX, but too me very slightly more detailed though. Generally I use the THX more though because of it's dynamics and staging. Still trying to find a significantly better amp than either without breaking the bank.
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  15. Luckbad
    @mixman Have you looked into the SPL Phonitor series? If you appreciate solid states it's a notable improvement to go to something like the Phonitor XE. The Phonitor 2 or E should be close to the XE or X for less money (the 2 can go used for under $1000, and the E can be had new for little over $1000). Some folks have noted that the Phonitor E sounds roughly as good as the X, although I've never compared them and I would assume the bass delivery isn't quite as good (just given the size of the power capacitors if nothing else).

    I personally fell away from solid state amplifiers a few years back after owning an Audio-GD Master 11 for a while and making the switch to tube amps and tube hybrids. It took the SPL Phonitor XE coupled with the RME ADI-2 DAC to impress me enough to make me pull the trigger on a solid state headphone amplifier again.

    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
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