RMAF 2011 THANK YOU from HeadRoom!
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Nov 29, 2006
Hi Everyone,
HeadRoom just wanted to extend a big kissy THANK YOU to everyone from Head-Fi who participated in this year's awesome RMAF / Can-Jam 2011 event making it such a big success. We detected a lot more enthusiasm and excitement from attendees & manufacturers alike this year, due in large part to the yeoman organizational hard work of Jude Mansilla and John Purtill,  some of the brightest lights of our groovy headphone community. So special HeadRoom thanks, John & Jude! No doubt, the killer array of new headphone goodies being introduced at Can-Jam this year like Audez'e LCD-3, JH Audio 16Pro + JH-3a dsp amp, Fostex headphones, SPL/Phonitor amps, Cardas in-ears, and Grado PS500 headphones -- amongst many others -- are stellar additions to the fold and bode well for what's to come in headphone-land in the future.

It's truly a special HeadRoom privilege and a real pleasure serving you guys and helping support the best in headphone audio and our Head-Fi.org forum.....
Here's to next year's even bigger & better RMAF/Can-Jam 2012.... We sure hope to see all of you there!
For those who missed the event, here's some fun stuff from Can-Jam 2011 on our 'HeadRoom TV' YouTube channel:

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Hi Everyone,
As most of you know, HeadRoom held prize raffles at Denver RMAF 2011 last wknd -- as we do at most audio events we attend! -- giving away some of our amazing HeadRoom gear completely free. Here's the list of lucky RMAF 2011 winners & their HeadRoom loot. All winners have been notified via email or telephone:
JOSH TANDY HeadRoom UDAC / GORDON WU Total AirHead Clear Case / AL ORR Total AirHead Clear Case / JOE CONERTY Total BitHead Clear Case / GREG SANFORD Total BitHead Clear Case / TOM MIKULA Portable Micro Amp with DAC / DAVID SCOTT (FB Caption Contest Winner) Total BitHead Clear Case ....... 

Many kind thanks to all who stopped by rm2013 this year and heard the best headphone sounds at Rocky Mountain Audio Festival. We sure hope to see you there next year -- and, of course, please don't forget to enter our groovy raffles!!

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