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RIP Westone ES5's, IEM recommendations needed

  1. bawbaw
    Hey all!

    I really like my ES5's, but I'm tired of getting them repaired. Looking for recommendations under $1000. Neutrality or slightly warm prefered!

    Sources: 95/5 Pixel 2 XL/PC through Schitt Jotunheim

    Optional bluetooth connectivity would be a bonus!
  2. serman005
    Have you ever heard an Andromeda?
  3. bawbaw
    Only the Galaxy and TV series... heh.
  4. Spie1904
    In terms of sound quality, I can absolutely second these!
    My only con with them is that they just don't fit me all that well (try before you buy) which has lead me to search for a replacement for my andromeda's with the same audio quality but more comfort and I've not been able to find it anywhere...

    I'm looking at both IEM & CIEM market and if anyone has a recommendation with equal sound qualities but such comfort that I can wear it for almost an entire working day at the office, I'd be willing to spend up to a max of 2000 euro :-D
  5. Niouke
    maybe a newer Westone model? I'm not sure there is anything that sound like westone out there...
    My um pro 30's are still going strong after a couple of years, didn't even had to change the cable yet.
  6. Spie1904
    Perhaps more a personal request but have you ever tried Westone Custom IEM's?
    I was potentially looking at upgrading from Campfire Andromeda's to Westone ES80 thinking sound quality would stay the same but comfort would make a leap.. Just not sure on durability.. How long would I have these for as they do cost a whopping 1700-1800 euro.
  7. bawbaw
    I mean, I guess if it ain't broke... I should probably try and track down a local place that has a range of the universals to try out to see they haven't changed a bunch.

    My ES5's made it 7 years and they were very comfortable, the tips are made of a different material than the rest of the shell - gets flexible when they warm up.
  8. buke9
    Well just have to say after listening to some at RMAF 2 really caught my interest the Empire Ears Phantom and the Alclair Electro not sure of the name though. It is hard to decide which I like better though. The Phantom is all that but the Aclair still has me wondering.
  9. Niouke
    No I didn't try them, IIRC you need to buy the westone and then send them to a third party that does the CIEM mod. I'd be carefull buying westones without trying them, the signature is special.I can't comment on the high end as I've never had a chance to try them. What I can say tho is that westones universals are VERY comfortable and not as bulky as the andromeda. The build quality is flawless to me and I've been using mine in a purely nomad fashion.
  10. bawbaw
    Westone has multiple lines of full custom, they make them themselves.
  11. Niouke
    They didn't last time I checked, or I forgot. I stand corrected. Damn the ES series are expensive.
  12. Spie1904
    How do these compare to say the Vision Ears VE8 in your opinion (if you have any experience with them).
    I'm thinking about buying a VE8 set :)

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