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RIP Lou Reed

  1. Happy Camper
  2. spook76
    A sad day for rock and roll. His smooth sound and evocative lyrics defined his songs.
  3. Hi-Finthen
    Dead, dead as a door nail ...
    I was just the other day reading on The Rolling Stone about his life/times and opinions .
    Rip , Lou ...
  4. Happy Camper
    He took a walk on the wild side and developed a rock and roll liver. It's amazing how some candles burn out early while others seemingly rock on without a flicker.
  5. BlueNote1939
    Go easy, Lou. Just played Transformer last week- brilliant album. 
  6. analogsurviver
    Just read this news - 0:08 into 28th. It brought a tear to my eye.
    We will miss you. RIP, Lou.
  7. gefski
    No rocker ever was NY like Lou was.

    Guess he and Andy get to be pals again.

    "Walk On the Wild Side"?
    Naaah! (Though I love that it pops up on elevator pop in Wall Wart. Who edits those things?)

    It's almost Halloween -- let's go with "Halloween Parade".

    Thanks Lou.
  8. mcandmar

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