RIP Art Dudley
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Mar 20, 2013
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Back in the AMR days, I had the pleasure of renting a car and making the long and winding 'road trip' up state to Art's place a few times.

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To say that Art was a gentleman would be an understatement. He was extremely warm and welcoming. Considering how many manufacturers made the trip to see him at his home, we certainly would have run out of patience. Something Art never did. He was also selfless when pestered by the likes of us.

Art kept rabbits and a dog called 'Chatter'. Many manufacturers referred to his dog as 'Jitter'. They must have been digital source guys. That never annoyed Art. Chatter was mad as a bag of frogs.Literally he bounced off the ceilings.


As a fellow pet lover, I see the similarity between pet and owner. As Art's setup was pretty unusual and analogue - all the way from the Garrard to the Shindo equipment, it reflected the class and taste of the listener.

Thank you Art for putting up with Darren and I. I hope we never stressed you out too much. And we really enjoyed our meets up at your home. You'll be sorely missed.

iFi/AMR's Vince
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Cancer sucks. Sorry for your loss of a soul who sounds like a good, kindly friend.

I recall reading some of Dudley's musings and reviews when I was a regular subscriber to Stereophile. As my infatuation with premium audio dulled and subsided and I subsequently moved onto other interests (old Porsches). (Not so) amazing what happens when one's senses age; in that case, hearing. Consequently I allowed my subscription to lapse. Thinking back, I do miss the monthly 'visits' that Stereophile provided, and the personalities that made that magazine shine. Art Dudley along with John Atkinson were key to that cast.

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