Rio Karma reliability?
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Nov 22, 2003
I'm thinking about getting a 20-gig HDD-based mp3 player for my girlfriend for christmas. I have an iHP-140 myself, and I know she likes that, so ideally I'd like to get her a iHP-120. My budget, however, is $175-200, and I haven't been able to find an iHP-120 for that price, even used.

I've always thought the Rio Karma seemed like a pretty cool little player, and I can get one used within my budgetary constraints. Problem is, I'm concerned about its reliability. I've heard that the Karma tends to sometimes have HDD issues, and the Rio warranty sucks.

My gf is absolutely not a techhead. I am, I could fix it if I had to, but I don't know how good she'll be at keeping her stuff backed up, so I think she'd be seriously pissed if she lost all her stuff in a failure.
Not to mention, of course, that putting in a new HDD will cost more than just getting a iHP-120 in the first place (and I know from first hand experience that iriver will cheerfully replace the HDD in if it goes bad).

So...I guess the question is: how likely is it that she will run into problems with her Karma if I get her one? If the Karma is just too risky a proposition, can you recommend another 20-gigger for around that price which would be more reliable?


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