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Rihanna - What's My Name *End of a Decade* Could Music finally be returning?????

Discussion in 'Music' started by denon2010, Nov 14, 2010.
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  1. Denon2010
    Anyone seen this video as yet or heard this song as yet?
    We are nearing the end of a decade. The horrific 2000 decade. The 90's destruction of music is nothing compared to the 00 era.
    Music really was perfected in the 80's and while it started to degrade and sound like crap from 1998 and up. Everything previous to that was awesome.
    Now today music is just Autotuned rubbish that everyone is putting out and using sex to sell their crap. Especially Lady Gaga and all these other useless artists.
    Now Rihanna on the other hand has always been a different type of artist in my book. I hated her music at one point I liked her before this make over. Back in videos like please dont stop the music etc.
    After that she started to look like a whore. I don't know about you guys but I don't find girls that dress like prostitutes to look sexy at all. Maybe I am just different give me a nice well educated girl dressed properly anyday. That will turn me on a lot faster.
    Anyways even though Rihanna had reached that point of no return with this mainstream crap like everyone else. I do find this song to be vastly different from early 00.
    THis song has a type of Jamaican feel to it. But in a more futuristic way. Despite the autotune used this is one of the better ones.
    This leads me to believe we could have a bright future in the next decade all the way up to 2020. I look forward to this and hopes we can have another michael jackson legend and while its wishful thinking I would like to believe such a thing is still possible in a time like this.
    Let me know what you guys think about this slightly diverse song  whats my name. Maybe it could be her Caribbean accent thats making it sound like this but the video obviously seemed more caribbean like than a lot of her other ones. Minus rude boy offcourse. But I didn't like that song.
    I hope autotune is one day abolished from music. And maybe then we will have songs that don't sound like they all came out of a nintendo game.
  2. salannelson
    I have to agree with you on the destruction of music. Mainstream music that is. There actually are some great artists out there if you look deep enough beyond the top 40 junk.
  3. Denon2010
    Yeah one song I liked also was Rockstar by Rihanna. Thats another good song considering the times we live in.
    Amazing isn't it now that true rock music is no more, everyone wants to be a rockstar.
    I remember some years ago my friends at school was laughing at rock music and they taught that Rap and Hip Hop was the greatest thing since sliced bread. They were like yeah BET is the best and black music is the best.
    Now today, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, and a lot more they are all singing about they want to be a rock star and party like a rockstar.
    Was a time nerds were considered uncool and geeks. Today girls consider nerds to be smart and hence hot.
    Amazing how quickly the world changes.
    But nothing can replace the music of the 80's man I so wished music of the 80's can return even if its for a brief period of time.
  4. salannelson
    For me I wish it were the seventies. Jazz fusion was at it's peak IMO.
  5. Denon2010
    Well yeah it depends on the type of music.
    But no doubt Pop and Rock N Roll really shined in the 80's
    I always wondered though if they brought back those 80's style of music would people today buy it?
  6. zotjen Contributor
    To me, this song sounds no different than the rest of the crap currently being played on the airwaves.
  7. zmd


    As for the "no rock music anymore", I'm listening to Them Crooked Vultures right now and can't help but laugh a bit. There's more good music today than there ever was, you just have to look more.
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  8. Coltrane
    The 2000s were terrible, the 90s destroyed music, the 1980s perfected it, and Rihanna is going to bring it back.
    An astonishing 0 for 4. I mean incredible.
    It shocks me that people talk about music as though only the radio exists. If one wishes to be a passive consumer of the capitalist machine I suppose that is their choice, but many of us aren't.
    Also, as a small side note, popular music has mostly always sucked. While there were moments in the 60s where it was ok, it is still a decade that produced tons of absolute crap pop music.
    Music was amazing in the 2000s. Phenomenal. If one is not aware of that then they simply have not paid attention.
  9. beepbeep
    although i am new to the forum i cudnt help stating my opinion. well as we all say that certain years of music were better than others, i think its juts because we grew up listening to those. for the new generation may be the music of this era is waht they would alwys recall, just like our elders , who regarad the music i listen to as junk where as they like the 60'70's...
  10. GreatDane Contributor
    Nicely stated Coltrane. I stopped listening to FM radio over 15 years ago,mainly because I like to be in total control of what music I listen to.
  11. LeChuck
    If anything this thread proves that musical tastes are far from universal. From 1960-2010 my least favorite decade is easily the 80's, but still a far cry from bad by any stretch; I just find less of my listening coming from that decade.
    Frankly, I think every decade has had phenomenal musical output. Statements like the 90s ruined music just don't hold water with me. Bands like Radiohead, Massive Attack, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Wilco, Pixies, Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith, Daft Punk, Weezer, Portishead, Dr. Dre, Wu-Tang Clan, Modest Mouse, Smashing Pumpkins, and many more...
    Even many decade spanning groups had what was arguably their best output during the 90's (R.E.M., Sonic Youth come to mind).
    Love them or hate them, these groups are iconic, and some of them (like Radiohead) continue to be some of the most influential groups in music today.
    If there was one thing the 90's can be blamed for it's the loudness wars, which continues to ruin recordings to this day.
  12. falis

    Do a search for "The Mahavishnu Project" - they're keeping some good stuff alive from that period.
    - Ed

  13. Marcus_C
    @ The OP,
    I'm sorry but i've got to disagree with pretty much everything you said, for a start we are not nearing the end of a decade, that happened last year. Also 90's destruction of music followed by 00's that's even worse is, at best, hugely opinion dependent.
    I won't go into everything you've said, most of it is opinion which you're perfectly entitled to but this song is, in my book, little better than the one of hers that is currently in the no.1 spot which i preferred when it had been completely destroyed : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNB4XpggOa0 , like so...
  14. psone
    i strongly disagree with the OP.
    granted taste in music is truly subjective. but to think that someone might consider any given track by an "artist" such as or in the same vein as Rhianna [​IMG]
    could be seen to be doing more for modern day music than for example someone like Joanna Newsom is to me unfathomable.
    Granted production values of the mainstream and its producers has no doubt changed for the worse in recent years, in my opinion this is just
    another very good reason to take one giant leap away from the mainstream. There are so many true artists around today producing music to those
    very same high standards of decades past all you have to do is look a little deeper than the top 100...
  15. Confispect


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