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Rhapsodio thread

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  1. lurk
    this is how my Solar's stock cable looks like now

  2. SeeSax
    I was going to tag Daniel here too! :)

    This to me (an unapologetic Rhapsodio fanboy) is one of your best reviews to date, and you have stepped up the photo game to world class. Thanks for your awesome contributions.

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  3. BananaOoyoo
    Thanks for the review! I actually just (literally an hour ago) got to try the Eden, and it was definitely a surprise - since the last IEM I tried from Rhapsodio was the Zombie :smile:
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  4. Deezel177
    I appreciate this more than you’ll ever know. Thank you so much, my friend. :)

    No problem! I’ll talk about the Zombie and Infinity in a special post coming soon. :wink:
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  5. Deezel177
    Hey guys! I managed to snag a listen of Rhapsodio's 25-BA Infinity during my trip to Japan. Here's an excerpt of my impressions from my e-earphone article, enjoy! :D

    Rhapsodio Infinity

    Wow! What a powerful sound! The Infinity displays outstanding dynamic energy, with instruments that punch like nothing I’ve ever heard before. Imagine the power and authority of a DD-driven bass, but throughout the entire frequency response! Instruments are full-bodied, physical, dense and warm, but there’s a forcefulness propelling them from the Infinity’s pitch-black background onto the very front of the soundscape- akin to a theatre sound system.

    However, it’s never short on headroom either. Genuine, extension-driven depth maintains that dynamism for a long stretch of time. The treble is articulate, sparkly and clean, but always inoffensive. This is certainly a bass-driven monitor, but vocal melody is prominent as well. All in all, the Infinity sports an extremely impactful sound – almost like someone’s very politely whacking huge, looming instruments at the sides of your head. It’s loud and proud, but firmly authoritative all throughout. The price is steep, and I don’t expect it to be everyone’s cup of tea. But one-of-a-kind, it very certainly is.

    EE-13 copy.jpg
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  6. nazrin313
    Had a listen on the Infinity a few months ago paired to the DX200 with AMP5 and ure impressions are exactly what I heard. Impressive IEM and was really² impressed. The other IEM that wow'd me was the Fitear EST. Had similar tonality but the infinity hits harder, imho.
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  7. Solarsammy
    Oh crap !
    Contact me upgrade your elder cable ,please .
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  8. Solarsammy
    I am confused
    Happy new year!
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  9. justrest
  10. Speedstick
    Does anyone have an experience with the Rhapsodio 2 Pin connector not going through all the way the IEM? I recently bought a Rhapsodio Dark Knight, it is a good cable and built is great but was bothered by its 2 Pin connection. Will pushing it all the way through widen the IEM connector and eventually lead to loose connection using other cable? Thanks. Rhapsodio Dark Knight 2 Pin.jpeg
  11. cantsleep Contributor
    Dont know about widening but it is pretty tight and firm when pushed in all the way.

    After a while, you may feel rather secured.
  12. Speedstick
    Once pushed all the way, will other cables fit loosely?
  13. cantsleep Contributor
    Not too sure.

    I used to use rhapsodio one but switched to noble lightening stock, just bcs i needed to use iphone. Definately feels less secured but doesnt really fall off from the socket.
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  14. Speedstick
    Thanks! I will try to push all the way through then will check it with my other cables. Will observe what will happen.
  15. Speedstick
    I’m able to push it all the way through. Hopefully it will not have a loosely fit with other cables when I remove it.
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