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Rhapsodio thread

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  1. SLC1966
    That Mr. Kerouac is as good of a teaser as it gets! Timbrelicious in fact!
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  2. Viler
    Haha, I think I know which one you meant "out of this world" low, and I couldn't agree more.
    For mine I have it run-in for about 300+ hours now, and its high is also fabulous.
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  3. Kerouac
    Maybe 'Sherrif Tuckers' friends can be of some assistance, in case you're not entirely sure yet?

    They don't come cheap, but they always seem to deliver in the end :grin:

    I'll get back (which means even more teasers) on your cable question later on...
    Glad to see you enjoy the new SG2.98 Mk2 (I've had the Mk1 in both 4 and 8 wires) so much :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018
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  4. Kerouac
    OK then, here we go...

    Rhapsodio Eden: a 'glimpse of paradise'
    The Eden came with the stock OCC Mk2 cable and I ended up using some ‘old’ (I think they’re called) Windtips that came with my Solar some years ago.

    During the first minutes you might easily get underwhelmed, as there’s not much that will initially draw your attention. But the longer you listen, the more you will realize that the Eden fooled you at the start and has an important hidden ingredient, which is the truth. If you also believe that beauty lies in the truth, then there’s a whole lot of beauty going on in Edens signature. This might even be the most neutral and realistic sounding IEM that I’ve heard so far.

    At fist you’ll probably think..."hmmm, these sound fragile". Like picking up whispers in the wind at some moments...but these whispers are truly serene and full of delightful promisses of audio heaven. The level of details and instrumental accuracy is simply astonishing imo.

    Recently I read some (imo nothing less than brillant) part in a review by @ezekiel77
    In the beginning, there was nothing. And then, there was coffee. Black, concentrated, strong and bitter, and not for general consumption as people had palpitations and throbbing headaches. Weaklings, sheesh. So in the interest of getting more people to accept the idea of coffee, we add milk and sugar, introduce changes to its taste and texture.”

    In the beginning there was nothing...” Now, wouldn’t that be an excellent introduction to the (biblical named) Eden. But let’s move on to the coffee part shall we: the Eden would probably be your purest black cup of coffee, straight from some freshly ground beans.
    It will give you the exact taste, as it was intended by nature. But indeed, like the wise man already mentioned, many people (incl. myself) often choose to add milk and sugar to match their prefered taste.

    So, the real ‘Eden question’ might be: Can you handle the truth….eeeeh, taste of fresh ground coffee beans?

    Rhapsodio Galaxy V2: ‘out of this world’ lows
    The Galaxy ended up with my Norne (23awg) silver cable and 'the usual' Spiral Dot tips.

    Switching to the Galaxy immediately drew my attention to its glorious and superb defined lows. Its signature sounds a lot more 'full bodied' than the Eden. When listening to the Galaxy it screams DD all over, although the highs also certainly won’t let you down. It’s not capable of delivering the same beautiful nuances (on a microdetails level) that the Eden can reveal though. Being also a specialist, makes me enjoy the Galaxy highly as well, while focussing on its strenghts.

    Switching back from Galaxy to Eden, the latter will sound thin (and this might easily be misinterpret as boring at the start) because your brain / mindset will have to adjust to the Eden all over again. But, the longer you listen to the Eden, the more you will be captured by visions of paradise.

    These two really are on opposite sides of the signature spectrum to my ears. And coming back to my earlier 'icecream flavor' post, which one you would prefer, would be entirely up to your personal taste.
    For me personally, I like ‘coconut’ and ‘dark chocolate’ icecream. But when I have to choose between the two, it would often end up in a dilemma. It would really depend on the moment, which flavor I would choose. Realizing that I can’t go wrong with either of them at the same time.

    It might also come down to ones musical taste in the end, as I can totally figure that many would pick the Eden for classical, jazz, acoustic, lounge, ambient, etc. Where for genres like pop, rock, metal, rap, hip & trip-hop, the Galaxy V2 might end up as the weapon of choice.

    Long story short: I enjoy both of them these days and I haven't even reached out for my own customs during that period, which says a lot! :ksc75smile:
  5. SLC1966
    Ok, Kerouac you just humbled me. You brought me from Eden down to earth. I went from another Galaxy to reality. Now that is enough Sunday morning Cheesiness.

    You described the Eden much better than I did in my review. Well done. As I have said before your palate needs to be clean when you start an Eden session. Or at least give your mind time to adjust before you judge. And then there is that envelopment of sound. The truth of the sound becomes so apparent for good or bad.

    And you described the Galaxy V2 like I have not been able to start describing. I am a huge Galaxy V1 fan when I want DD right in front of my face. A recent revelation (No Eden pun intended) with my Galaxy V1 is that I attached the Triton8 pure silver cable to it for shits and giggles. Well it tolerably tightened up the bass, added a little unexpected soundstage and added the expected silver trebleness.

    Again well done Mr. Kerouac!

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  6. ctsooner22
    Wow. How can I even try to talk about the 2.98 lol. Still breaking in though. It will be a while. Bass tightening up and the highs r smoothing out more. The sax has some great bite to it though. Just so transparent. Also the decay is outstanding which gives it a nice stage presentation. Just gets better every day which is expected.
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  7. semsal
    Good news from Sammy,
    Dirvers for my silver zombie are arrived and waiting for magic touch of Sammy.

    I am very excited, I couldn't wait:)
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  8. lurk
    Looking to DIY a replacement cable for my solar, I notice there is 0.78 & 0.75mm 2 pin parts?

    Which one does solar use?
  9. Solarsammy
    Our Socket is 0.78mm
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  10. Solarsammy
    This is my personal use Eden .
    I can't leave it now
  11. ctsooner22
    Guys, I've been off the boards for weeks breaking in my new server/dac (2 channel). it's KILLER. So much better than any 100k DAC I've heard with any server. The headphone amp is just off the chip with only a few wrinkles, but nothing too special. What makes it special is the DAC it's running through. the Phantom's have scaled to another level with the sg2.98 cable in single ended. It's really special. love this cable as I use it portably most of the time.
  12. myap2328
    I know this is a real old product but some one just offered me a Rhapsodio RTi as a trade for my Dita Audio Truth..

    Wondering if this is a suitable swap... I am hoping for a slightly bassier less bright sound than my Truth... would this be my answer?
  13. nazrin313
    Not really, RTi1 has a slight warmish tint with a hyper bump on the presence region. Super detailed treble
  14. SLC1966
  15. Deezel177
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