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Rhapsodio thread

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  1. Fiberoptix
    Impressions wise, not much more to say than what other's have mentioned about the Solar and Galaxy.
    Both are amazing IEM's but different flavours. Solar is skillfully coloured for an indulgent experience where as the Galaxy is certainly more studio monitor type presentation. Both are up there with the best.
    I'm not sure which I prefered - I loved them both!
    I did however get to try Sammy's new IEM :wink:. For me this was almost a bridge between Solar and Galaxy sound sig. wise. I'm not going to say anymore than that as I'm sure Sammy will reveal more when he's ready!
    But it is very good.
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  2. Solarsammy
    I got both. They are really top grade in market with good price.
    They drive Galaxy so well.
  3. CraftyClown
    Still kicking myself that I completely forgot to listen to the Rhapsodio IEM range. I got totally sidetracked :frowning2:
  4. Kerouac
    Yeah, didn't understand that part as well...maybe you were also distracted by Batman & Catwoman? [​IMG]
    Well, if you have the opportunity to get a pair of Solars next to your Ref1 too (like you posted before) for a while, than you can always keep the one that you prefer the most. They probably (never heard the Ref1 too, but owning the 1plus2 myself) will have quite a different signature.
  5. CraftyClown

    ​Yeah, Sammy was posing for photos and I was heading downstairs, as there were a couple of music producers doing a talk I wanted to hear.
    After that, I just plain forgot!
    I'm so indecisive right now. I'm wondering if I'd rather have something a bit more reference sounding anyway, therefore the Galaxy comes into the running :)
  6. CraftyClown
    I've just joined the Solar club [​IMG]
  7. sonickarma
    all your sol-ar belong to us
    CraftyClown likes this.
  8. Kerouac
    Congrats and welcome!
    You can check out any time you like, but...[​IMG]
    Anyway, did you go custom or universal?
  9. CraftyClown

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  10. San Man
    It is very, very good.   For studio artists and recording engineers, the original Galaxy is the best choice.   For everyone else, the new one is superior.

    Supposedly, Sammy will have more details available this Friday.....stay tuned!
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  11. ibbreezy
    Stopped by Rhapsodio for a few hours on Sunday and had a lot of fun. Thanks to Sammy for letting me listen to so many things, including some new/not-for-sale stuff. Some new developments are coming. One soon-ish.  
    I wasn't looking to purchase anything, as I already have the Zeus but of all the products I tried, I was really quite smitten with his own personal IEM (which is not in production). But maybe later a newer version will come out. [​IMG]
    Cheers for the abundance of useful stuff. And I'll be giving the Copper Wizard 4 a good try out later this week.
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  12. CraftyClown
    My Solars have arrived! [​IMG]
    Quick question for those in the know; Mine look a bit different to a lot of the images I have seen, as in I don't seem to have grills over the nozzles. Are mine an earlier version? or just an anomaly?
  13. Kerouac
    Yep...that's the earlier version indeed. I had that one (without the wax guards) as well
  14. CraftyClown

    ​Cool, thanks. Bar the wax guard, where there any other differences that you know of?
  15. jmills8
    How does it sound to you?
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