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Rhapsodio thread

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  1. AncientSw0rd
    Gotta thank @Solarsammy for the Galaxy V1 that I picked up from him.

    I am really loving them, best set of IEM's I have had. I loved the CA Vega when I tried them out, but I like these better. Love DD!
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  2. SeeSax
    Enjoyed the Eden and Copper Wizard at work today while I had the office to myself. I guess I do get some odd looks with this beast of a cable, but the pairing with the Eden is wonderful. I go back and forth with the SG 2.98 and Copper Wizard and lose sleep over it. SG 2.98 is warm, sparkly, energetic and Copper Wizard is neutral, mature and precise. No right or wrong, good or bad, both are incredible cables as per usual from Sammy's offerings. Thanks from me too @Solarsammy


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  3. semsal
    My precious is arrived! Rhapsodio Zombie Silver housing rhodium plated. Thank you Sammy.
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  4. Wyville
    Those are looking gorgeous! Really good to see you finally have those beauties in hand (and ear). Enjoy!
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  5. semsal

    Thank you very much.
  6. SLC1966

    @SeeSax you need these!
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  7. SeeSax
    I am waiting for @Solarsammy to make me a pair of Zombies made out of Plutonium so they glow in the dark.

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  8. Deezel177
    ...so you eventually glow in the dark as well. :D
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  9. SLC1966
    Not sure if I want to name my next child Sammy or Zombie! Or Pluto-Nium!

    Ok, never mind Solar it is!
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  10. Solarsammy
    The next Flagship after Eden cost USD 100000 !I hope!
    Call Angela -S
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  11. justrest
    Made from Balanced Uranium drivers. :)
  12. semsal
    Thank you very much!
  13. semsal
    First impressions;

    "Zombie ultimate (silver) is out of this world"
    That's all :)
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  14. Kerouac
    Some minutes ago I was listening to this majestic song by Madrugada with the Solar (out of LPG with a silver cable) and it seriously gave me goosebumps all over.
    Imo this IEM can still easily hold its ground compared to other (also new) totl models from other respected companies (and I've heard a few by now) :ksc75smile:

    Btw, congrats with your rhodium plated Zombie @semsal, they look great man :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
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  15. Speedstick
    Does anyone have a Rhapsodio Copper Wizard 4 Braid and Han Audio Redcore? Can you do a comparison? Thanks!
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