Rhapsodio Rti1 Titanium Reference (new $1000!!)
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Nov 12, 2014
I'm putting the Rti1 ($1000) up for sale. The iem is about 8 months old and in pristine condition. This is a unique oppertunity to own a top iem made for audiophile listening, that provides a level of detail other $1000+ iems can't touch.
Note this is the newer revised model with beautiful aluminium shells instead of the older plastic ones.
Sporting a single dynamic driver, the Rti1 is a reference iem described as a 'detail monster'. This will allow you to hear microdetails in the music, previously unheard. Instrument separation is uncanny, you can pinpoint each sound. The detailed presentation combined with a precise and quick attack and decay, gives instruments an incredible natural sound: the way you can hear an acoustic guitar being plucked is uncanny, as well as subtle changes in a voice: WORLD CLASS. The Rti1 excels in playing acoustic instruments. It gives you the feeling you're witnessing them being played in front of you. Soundstage is of course what you'd expect from a $1000 iem: very wide. 
It sounds beautiful, and really excels in some genres making it a wonderful addition to any collection. It's not an overpriced $1000 iem; it's worth every penny, price is low because it's relatively unkown. 
For an insight in its sound, check out this Headfonia review:
For a detailed comparison of the Rti1 with the Tralucent 1plus2:
Looking for $600 $550 $500. Since I'm already at a low point, price is firm(!) and shipping or pp fees are not included and depends on location. I still enjoy the Rti1 on a daily basis and don't mind hanging on to it. I'd only sell it to fund an uber ciem like the SE 5-way or K10.

I will include a clear Noble silver-plated copper cable ($60). Additional Rhapsodio Panther 8 braid copper upgrade cable available for about $140 (new $250). The 8 strands improves dynamics, making for a more lively sound and improved detail. Combines excellently with the Rti1!

PM with any questions or offers!
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