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RHA-T20i vs Campfire Audio Comet...

  1. jaykarnik
    Can someone who has heard both recommend between the RHA-T20i and the Campfire Audio Comet?

    Also if the source is always going to be an Android phone does it even make sense to go for somethings like these instead of the cheaper Audio-Technica - ATH-E40?
  2. boneburglar
    I wouldn't buy the Comet, build issues and just not very exciting. It's not terrible sounding but it definitely loses it's magic pretty quickly.
  3. boneburglar
    The Comet having a detachable cable is something to consider though. I don't think source matters too much at this price point either.
  4. jaykarnik
    Just curious, at what price point for IEMs do you think source starts to matter?
  5. Kitechaser
    Source doesn't really matter as much with easy to drive BA iems, especially something like a single BA driver (comet).
    The RHA T20 scales up really well, so they respond to better DAPs. If it wasn't for the permanent cable, I would still have the T20. It's a very underrated dynamic iem.
    I would scratch the comet from your list, there s lot of iems in the 200 dollar range that completely blow it out of the water.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
  6. B9Scrambler
    Build issues?
  7. boneburglar
    Glue gave way on the nozzle, cable frayed countless times no matter how careful I was. I mean, they fixed it, but it's still a hassle.
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  8. B9Scrambler
    Good to know. First I've read of any build issues. Can certainly see the cable fraying in the right environment. Sheath is a bit stiff. That's one reason why I swap cables in the winter with a number of my iems.
  9. boneburglar
    Winter was an issue too. I live in MN where it get pretty dry over the Winter, and static shocks would trigger the volume increase in the remote, sometimes numerous times in quick succession, which can get pretty bad pretty quickly with BA sensitivity. I emailed CFA about it and they pretty much confirmed it was a design flaw. You can always swap the cable though. Still sucks though that you would have to sink even more cost into something that in my opinion isn't worth the $199 asking price.
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