RHA MA750i or?
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Jul 25, 2015
I am currently looking at these two in earphones but can't tell which is better. I am fairly new to the audiophile industry and would like some advice, I would also like some other recommendations in a similar price range. Thanks!
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  I am currently looking at these two in earphones but can't tell which is better.

You need to hear them, not look at them - badum tsh!

Each of those models is quite different so a choice between them should be fairly easy.
If you're going to be in noisy places and you want to hear the bass, go for the MA750. The Dunu Titan-1 has excellent soundstage (width of sound) due to the way it's ported (there's holes in the housing) but lacks in isolation due to those holes. If you like a touch of classical and see yourself sitting at home then maybe the Titan would be better.
I like them both for different reasons - it depends what sort of use you have for earphones.
If you can add another tenner, I would recommend the Fidue A73 which is shockingly good for the money -
There's plenty of reviews on HeadFi.org for the A73 but here's ours -
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Thx for the advice looks like the MA750 is what i might go for sonce if im going to listen to music at home might as well use my K553's, can i have more suggestions for alternatives.

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