RHA MA-350
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New Head-Fier
Sep 12, 2013
Hi, i recently bought the rha ma-350 mostly because of the good reviews around the web. My previous in-ear which i lost were a Logitech playgear stealth for psp that i actually found pretty good with detailed sound for that price.
What i find in the ma-350 is a mostly bass-driven sound, which i think is more present than it should, since i prefer a detailed and cristaline sound, which emphasise the voices and the mids and a good treble. In this case the bass is over present and sometimes the sound is somewhat muddy..
The other common problem is the cable that causes interference as you already may know but not so important for me..
What do you think? Should i replace it, what in-ear phones would you recomend based on my preferences?

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