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RHA Dacamp L1, CL1 Ceramic, and CL750

  1. BlinkST
    Two new products recently announced by RHA ahead of IFA 2016: Dacamp L1($549), CL1 Ceramic($449), and CL750($139). To be released later this October. Full details are at the official site. It is noteworthy that right off the bat, RHA is advertising that the CL1 is for use with amplifiers.  
  2. RHA Iain
    Hello! Cheers for making this!
    We actually announced three new products, full details can be found over here.

    Would you mind editing the thread title to include the CL750 (and maybe a wee update to Dacamp L1) - it definitely shouldn't be overlooked (I have one in front of me, it's great).
    Any questions - fire on, we'll be around to answer.
  3. Ultrainferno
    I was listening to the new gear earlier at IFA and I absolutely think they'Re all great. Especially the CL1on the silver cable (mini cxlr) with the dacamp.

    Great stuff
  4. Podster

    Man would I love that new RHA balanced setup[​IMG] Love to have that on a PAW Gold[​IMG] (Talk about being in dreamland now)[​IMG] LOL

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