Rewiring K240's: which cable is which?!
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May 15, 2012
Hey forum
Before you tell me I should have checked before taking it apart, it was wrong when I got it!

So I have a pair of K240s that were wired up wrong (TOTALLY wrong) with two wires connected to the ring, one to the tip and one to the sleeve. This is the old setup that has the "square" cable (four wires, no common ground in the wire).
It's easy for me to figure out which pairs go to which speaker because they measure an impedance, and still easy enough for me to figure out which pair is which ear because the DMM makes the driver crackle a little, but where I'm lost is which side should go to the tip/sleeve and which one should go to the common ground on the sleeve.
How do I tell it apart?
Does it even matter?

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