Rewiring a Power Cord from a light to run through a cage
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Oct 1, 2002
Heres my situation:

I have a custom built plastic cage (for boa constrictors) coming this week. I have to mount my own lights and drill my own holes for this.

Now im mounting florescant lighting in there and I need to run the power cord through a drilled hole in the cage.

The problem is that I do not want to have to make such a big hole to push the whole end of the power cord through. To get around this problem I would need to cut the plug on the power cord off (or would disassembling at the base more more wise?) and run it through a hole (just big enough to fit the cable) then rewiring the plug on.

So my question is how hard would this be to do? Could you guys walk me through it? What tools would I need and where should I get them? I am not very good at this stuff at all but I dont figure it should be too hard. I would like to do this right and not have to cut a gigantic hole in my cage to push the plug through...

Thanks the help!

P.S. - Sorry I havent been around in so long! Ive switched my favorite hobby over from headphone listening to boa constrictors... ironicly headphone listening is much cheaper and easier on the wallet (wouldnt expect that would ya
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Jul 2, 2001
As you say, two options. If it is easy to take the light apart to unhook the cord, I would go with that. Otherwise, you can get a replacement end that has screw holds for the cable so it is easy to remove the plug [which will probably be easier in the long run]

<>Link won't work. Search for plugs.
If that link doesn't work..
Internet/Catalog # 163167
Store SKU# 830148

That one is grounded, not sure if you have a grounded cord.

It should be easy, just make sure oyu have the polarity correct on the wires if it was a 2-connector on the light [Make sure you mark the cord]

It is easy to do this, we had to replace the end on one of our old heaters [stole and end from something else that had screw terminals]

You may find a plug that is more suitable for you, but for 3 bucks, ya cant go wrong.

<>Search Lowes for plugs, they carry 2-prong ones for less if that is what you need.

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