[Reviewers Wanted] Cayin N5ii DAP - Android based, 64Bit/384kHz, DSD256, WiFi, Play, Streaming

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  1. Wiljen
    Count me in.

    1. Should be about 15 reviews I have done here
    2. AKG n40, Brainwavz b400, Sennheiser HD700, MixCder MS301, Macaw Tx-80 (Last 2 for BT testing)
    3. Cayin N3, Cowon Plenue D, Shanling M2s&M1, Fiio X3ii, Xduoo X3&x10, Benjie K9, Nintaus X10.
    4. Kingsport, TN, USA

    I'll be really interested to hear this one since I have its little brother.
  2. Army-Firedawg
    1. Reviews on Personal Audio products you havepublished in Headfi forum or elsewhere.
    Headfi no longer has an easy way to link to past reviews but please see my YouTube channel in which I've linked all applicable products head-fi review in the description.

    2. Earphone/headphones that you will be used in your N5ii audition.
    Empire Ears Hermes VI ciems
    Various Sennheiser products
    Bowers & Wilkins P7
    Meze 99 Classics
    Other potential products I would have on me reviewing at the time

    3. Your current or previously owned DAP or portable audio source.
    Hifiman SuperMini
    Luxury & Precision L3
    HP Pavilion laptop

    4. The city and country you are located.
    Kannapolis (NC), USA

    I accept the terms and conditions of the tour and humbly appreciate the opportunity you've presented to us to hear your newest product.
  3. Nymphonomaniac
    Would rather be interested in tour....but i'm afraid shipping cost wil be too high from Canada if I have to ship to another country....like 40$ or something...

    My gear and 1/5 of my reviews are on my profile.

    Right now I have the Hifiman RE2000 and Campfire Polaris but its a loan.

    I reviews lot of DAP, i'm obsess about them as I don't use phone for music....right now have in hand the Faudio FA1, Ibasso DX90,Xduoo X20, X10, X3, D3, X1....have own lot of others.

    If next loaner is from Canada i'm In!
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018
  4. heliosphann
    1. Mircro iDSD Black Label, Ampsandsound Mogwai, Audeze LCD-MX4
    2. Sony MDR-Z1R, Focal Utopia, Audeze Sine, Sennheiser HD800, HiFiman HE-1000, plus others listed in my profile page.
    3. Fiio X5, Fiio X5 Gen 3, Ibasso DX50 and 80, Chord Mojo + Tablet/Phone
    4. Indianapolis, IN - United States
  5. ExpiredLabel
    My about has all current reviews and will be updated with more as they come out.

    List of current equipment includes:
    Hifiman 901s > DHC Comp4 IC > Nakamura Corp Aclear Porta NXT-2AK Headphone Conditioner > Alo Audio Ref 8 balanced 2.5mm cable > Sony Z5

    so a comparison can be done with your teams new DAP and my current source, effects of the headphone conditioner for more food for thought.

    Additionally I also have the Monk+ and RE 600 balanced IEM and Hifiman 700 to compare to give different impressions/comparisons with.
    If you need anything else be sure to let me know and I'll get back to you with that info.

    Location Portland, Oregon

    Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to seeing if a android OS DAP can sway me from my current feelings about such DAPS.

    Last edited: Feb 19, 2018
  6. darmanastartes
  7. Andykong
    Just to recap, we have 10 reviewers on-board so far, Switzerland x1, Germany x 1, Canada x 1, USA x 7

    I hope we have more reviewers on-board as it is a bit difficult (and therefore expensive) to arrange the tour route effectively.

    Please come and join us, the tour application will be closed by 11:59 of 28 Feb 2018, Pacific Time. so please act immediately if you are interested in checking out the Cayin N5ii DAP,
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  8. kennylim
    1. None so far
    2. Lime Ears Aether, Sennheiser HD650, AKG K7xx, Philips Fidelio X2
    3. Fiio X5, Onkyo DP-X1, Chord Mojo, CEntrance BlueDac
    4. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  9. imran27
    On head-fi
    1. Burson Play
    2. Xduoo XD-05
    3. Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro
    4. Audio-Technica ATH-M40X
    5. Brainwavz HM5
    3. SoundMAGIC E10
    4. SoundMAGIC E80

    On The Indian Audiophile Forum (FB)
    All of the above, plus
    5. Audeze EL-8 Titanium
    6. Audeze LCD-2
    7. Audeze LCD-3
    8. Audeze LCD-X
    9. Mr. Speakers Ether
    10. Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow Closed
    11. HiFiMan HE400S
    12. HiFiMan Edition X V2
    13. HiFiMan HE1000
    14. Sennheiser HD600
    15. Sennheiser HD650
    16. Sennheiser HR660S
    17. Sennheiser HD800
    19. Beyerdynamic Xelento
    20. QDC 8
    21. QDC Gemini
    22. Elysian Acoustic Labs Artemis
    23. Acoustune HS1501
    24. FiiO F9 Pro
    25. Beyerdynamic T1
    26. Meze 99 Classics
    27. Audio-Technica ATH-M50X
    28. Ultrasone Performance 820
    29. Ultrasone Edition 8 Ex
    30. JH Audio Roxanne
    31. JH Audio 13v2 pro
    32. Noble Audio Kaiser Encore
    33. Sony MDR-Z1R
    34. Focal Elear
    35. Focal Utopia
    36. Stax L700

    Sources reviewed on TIAF
    1. Audeze Deckard
    2. Schiit Fulla 2
    3. Chord Mojo
    4. Chord Hugo²
    5. xDuoo XD-05
    6. Burson Play
    7. Sennheiser HDV800
    8. WooAudio WA6
    9. WooAudio WA7 Fireflies
    10. FiiO X7 Mark 2
    11. Aune B1

    Current portable source:
    1. LG V20
    2. xDuoo XD-05

    Gears to be expected to be used with N5ii:
    1. Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro

    And some other gears that I might pick up for audition.

    Cyberjaya, Malaysia.
  10. ngoshawk
    Hi @Andykong! thanks for another wonderful opportunity! I very much enjoyed the I5 and N3, when they came my way and would love to give this a try. Thanks for the opportunity!

    1. Reviews on Personal Audio products you have published in Headfi forum or elsewhere: My review thread: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/ngoshawks-review-thread.854442/
    2. Earphone/headphones that you will be used in your N5ii audition: UM Maestro V2, Focal Elear, VModa Crossfade II, Campfire Audio Jupiter, FLC8S, Grado GH-2
    3. Your current or previously owned DAP or portable audio source: Shanling M1/M3s/M5, Opus #1s/#2, FiiO x5iii
    4. The city and country you are located: Warrensburg, MO, USA

    Thanks Andy! Looking forward to this, especially since @PinkyPowers didn't share his when we were together....:dt880smile:
  11. soumya.banerjee
    1 Impressions of Gustard H20 in head-fi.
    Reviewed / posted impressions of following in The Indian Audiophile Forum (TIAF):
    Aune B1, Oppo HA-2, JH Audio Roxanne II, Noble Audio Kaiser Encore, Stax 3100, HiFi Man HE-560, LCD-X, HD800, EL-8 Open and Closed, Effect Audio AresII/LionHeart/Leonidas, Fiio X7 Mark II, Fiio F9/F9 Pro, RJM Sapphire V3 amp, Holo Spring Deluxe

    2. Earphones / Headphones I will use with N5 II for review:
    Directly from SE / balanced out : Sony XBA-3, RHA MA750i, RHA T20i, Dunu DN 2000J, FiiO F9 Pro, IE 800, Shure SE 846, Noble Audio Kaiser Encore
    via 2V RMS line out into RCA input of Aune B1 and Gustard H20 : Shure SRH840 EL-8 Open, AKG K712 Pro, HD800, LCD-X

    3. DAPs and Portable sources I have:
    FiiO X7 Mark II with AM3A/AM3/AM5 modules, Chord Mojo, Oppo HA-2, FiiO E-18, FiiO E12

    4.Place I reside : Bangalore, India
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
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  12. Prabeer Patankar
    Hi Andy

    Thanks for this opportunity. My details as required:

    Previous Reviews: Impression of Burson Play on Head-fi. On TIAF (Indian Audiophile Forum on FB)Noble Kaiser Encore, Audeze EL-8 Ti, Cayin N3, Meze 99 Classic. Effect Audio Ares ii, Lion Heart and Leonidas comparison. Noble Audio Trident.

    Earphones/Headphones I will use to review the N5ii: Noble Kaiser Encore with Lionheart Cable, Audeze EL-8 Ti, Noble Trident, RHA T20i. Also will pair it with the Aune B1, Burson Audio Play, Oriolus BA10 balanced tube amp and Chord Mojo.

    Portable DAP/Sources: Cayin N3, Fiio X7mk2 (AM3 & AM3A), Chord Mojo Fiio E18.

    Place I reside: Mumbai, India.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
  13. noobandroid
    1. earfisensation.blogspot.com
    2. noble audio sage, ma750i, hd650, ve zen2.0
    3. fiio x5 2nd gen
    4. malaysia
  14. SilverEars
    Have been really curious how Cayin players sound like

    1. I have various impressions all over the board, no formal review
    2. Campfire Andromeda, Focal Utopia
    3. Opus #2, Lotoo PAW Gold, AK240, Mojo
    4. Boston, MA, USA
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
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  15. Andykong
    This is the last day of Tour application, if you are interested in the N5ii and haven't sign up yet, please do that immediately, this is the final call. :beerchug:
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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