REVIEW: Yarland P100 tube headphone amp (pics)
Dec 29, 2009 at 7:45 PM Post #167 of 207
Look what Santa deposited in my sock.

It seems to differ from the other 2009 versions of the P100: the two headphone sockets, one for high impedance headphones and the other for low, has been replaced with one socket and an impedance selector switch; it has five settings, ranging from 300ohms to 18-24ohms.

I have about 60hrs on it now, and it is a beautiful sounding amp - one of the best I have heard, even with the stock Chinese tubes.
Some better tubes are now on the cards - this amp definately deserves them.

My P100 was purchased from CATTYLINK for £166 (plus pretty hefty shipping charges).
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Godkin, first of all congratulations on your Yarland; the new P100 have two volume controller?
Dec 30, 2009 at 1:40 PM Post #171 of 207
Adu, the new P100 has one volume control and an impedance selector switch for different headphones: it ranges between 300ohms for high impedance headphones and 18-24ohms for low impedance ones.
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Thanks for reply Godkin.
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No stockist in the UK as far as I know. There's a seller in Holland, but they only sell the 2008 version, and it's out of stock.

I bought mine from CATTYLINK in Hong Kong. I was a bit wary to tell you the truth, but everything went very smoothly. They test all items before it leaves their warehouse, so it's usually 1 week before it ships. I paid £166, plus around £120 shipping.
Expensive I know, but I really wanted to try this amp, and it's worth every penny.
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Is this amp any good with Sennheiser HD650 ?? Is it light or warm sounding ? I don't like to bright sounding amps... I'm pretty new to the tube world, so I'm wondering how do you change tubes ? is it hard ? or is it like changing a light bulb ?
I know nothing about tubes, so could someone tell me what tubes I should buy with this amp if I'm using HD650 and want a warm sound... I don't know what types of tubes I have to buy or anything
So please help me....

EDIT: BTW, were can I buy this amp ? I found and thought it was their official site, but I'm not so sure anymore.... When you click order you come to another site called Caps & Coils.... And they're sold out anyways...

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