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REVIEW: Vivo Xplay 3S + XE800 Mobile audio perfection

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  1. Ruben123

    Any regular extension cable works, at least all 5 different ones I tried. At the time I bought them, I didn't know anything of tts etc. I'll get you a link but don't worry it'll probably just work fine
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  2. fairx

    Thanks. I will dig out my old extension to test.

    Back to xe800. I'm back at home and test with my old iPhone 4s. Sound a little thin and lifeless. Plug into my o2 on low gain and thing gets interesting. However the best sounding so far is with Fiio Q1 dac amp. The extensions and articulation are on different levels. Xe800 does scale very well with good source.

    However coming from earbud I sense xe800 a little fatiguing. Maybe more burn in or brain adjusting needed. Not highs or mid fatigue but from bass fatigue. To others the bass might be normal or even lower in quantity but to me it's a little bit tiring. One more thing I can sense is that the vocal are little recessed. Not laid back, just recessed. Not by much but still noticeable.

    I give it to couple of friend for audition and all of them really satisfied with the sound quality.
  3. Viber
    So these were sold for 8$ ?
  4. Nimpo
    Is that website legit??
    6€ and I'll be gifting a pair to every fiend lol
  5. Ruben123
    They're sold out I see guys
  6. loomisjohnson

    i'd be a little leery--they don't advertise that they're the genuine vivos and there's a ton of fakes. for a couple bucks extra i'd rely on the proven ali sellers
  7. bhazard
    Finally got my own cheap XE800 delivered. First impressions.... it's been too long to remember the original XE800 sound I had years ago, but yes it is so similar that these are either genuine or nearly identical.
    Not enough bass, and the upper mids sound a bit artificial, but still nice for the prices now. It's just hard to go back to this after trying something like the K3 or A4.
  8. snip3r77

    Should not compare as there are more than $120
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  9. bhazard
    It is very much a valid comparison. The XE800 was $99 at launch.
    In 2 years time, for $50-100 more you now get significantly better sound. At $15, these are an excellent choice for a clear but bass light signature, but it isn't something I enjoy anymore.
  10. Viber
    SO... XE800 in retail box for 8$ , gotta be a fake right??
  11. Pastapipo
  12. hakuzen
  13. astone
  14. MuZo2
  15. jatergb
    From the current listings on AE, other than the Rillpac store, has anybody purchased from any of the 3 other stores? My friend liked the quality and didn't want to ask it back. I want another pair because i just love the SS. :)
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