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REVIEW: Vivo Xplay 3S + XE800 Mobile audio perfection

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  1. astone
    These seem to sound better than my GR07 classic edition. The mids seem less recessed and the bass is less boomy. Overall I am super impressed for $16. The cable is the only thing that seems cheap on these. These are definitely the best IEMs in existence for this price.
  2. SkiesOfAzel
    Their tuning is closer to reference but they do have one flaw compared to the GR07 and that is treble extension. Still, i also prefer the overall sound of them compared to the CE.
  3. stryed
    I've just received my pair from aliexpress for 18usd and I'm impressed by the SQ, so much so that I'm signing up to give in my input.
    The clarity and mids are a huge step up from my xiaomi pistons 3 and disappointing "piston 4". However, the quality of the cable is a pity.
    I'm surprised by the bass as I was expecting it to be lacking but it's nice and deep.
    Will be recommending these!
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  4. loomisjohnson

    agree on all counts, including the flimsy cable. pulled out my piston 3 recently, which i thought was quite impressive a couple of years ago, and was surprised at how much it lags the current breed at same price range.
  5. bhazard
    I caved and ordered these. I don't have my original pair anymore to compare, but I'll remember the sound.
    There are very few earphones this good for this cheap. This and the Urbanfun are about it. The KZ ZST is nice, but not as detailed as these.
  6. max1mus
    I have ath-clr100, ath-cor150, MEE Audio RX18 iems but im disappointed with the sound quality of these. So I am on the lookout for good budget iems.Upon searching online for iems I stumbled upon the xe800s. However, I am not sure whether the xe800s are a definite step up from my rx18/clr100/cor150. I need iems with good noise isolation. I prefer balanced sound with good lows, mids and highs. I also want iems to have at least ok soundstage. I listen to rock subgenres- hard rock, blues, classic rock, metal, grunge, alternative etc,  reggae, classical and a little bit of pop.
    I found xe800 from the rillpac store but I am not certain that they sell 100% real xe800s. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Original-Vivo-XE800-in-ear-HiFi-earphone-with-mic-for-smartphones/101055_32649424538.html
    Has anybody ordered from these seller if so are the xe800s legit? TIA
  7. bhazard
    I just bought from there. I'll let you know when I get them. I'm one of the few who owned them when they first came out.
  8. fairx
    Mine just making it way around the next town. Maybe Ill get em tomorrow. Can't wait to replace my aging (cable) E80.
  9. snip3r77
    Anyone can compare with the Tennmak Pro?
  10. loomisjohnson
    The tennmak is a completely different animal---much warmer, bassier and less extended at the high end, tho still refined in its way. The vivo is more detailed with more overall clarity, but you might prefer the pro if you are treble sensitive or need more bass
  11. snip3r77

    Xe800 considered as fark as tennmak?
    Soundstage and Sub Bass/Mid Bass?
  12. toddy0191

    Soundstage is better and there is good sub bass extension albeit at a lower level than the tennmaks. As loomis has already mentioned, separation, treble extension and clarity are all superior on the vivos too.

    Both great in their own right.
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  13. fairx
    Received my xe800 and testing right now.

    Never heard xe800 nor the original gr07. But I can safely say that the sound Quality stands as described. Refined and polished, above its asking price. Cleaner than my e80. That's for sure. Bass quantity is way lower than e80 but better in quality and texture. It's quite balance. Because of trrs connector its having problem with my old sgs. Need some kind of adapter or pass thru amp. Will update later after listening to my setup at home.

    So far I'm very happy with my purchase. Might order another just for backup.
  14. Ruben123

    A few inches extension cable or adapter is below $1,20 on AliExpress and do the job well for me for some 4 years or so already
    fairx likes this.
  15. fairx
    I haven't found a right one. Usually from trrs to trs. One seller shows pic of trs to trrs but customer complaints he got it reversed. If there's a link that anyone can suggest please do. Sorry out of topic a little.
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