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REVIEW: Vivo Xplay 3S + XE800 Mobile audio perfection

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  1. pfloyd
    Listening to UFO's Flying with these right now, amazing! :headphones::musical_score::guitar:
  2. pfloyd
    Don't mean to hijack thread but since the an16 is mentioned in graph above and the mod has such a profound effect, I feel compelled to comment that these have really been transformed, Christian McBride Trio live at Village Vanguard sounds awesome, these bio-cell drivers are really something else. They are rivaling my kef m200s and finder x1s for head time.

  3. SkiesOfAzel
    So the xe800 pairs I'd ordered have finally arrived. They are indeed original pairs which makes them the bargain of the century. They are also indeed slightly retuned via the bass ports compared to the first batch (the ports are visibly tighter), resulting in a more neutral sound. 
  4. Singleton
    Very true @rikk009 RIP our wallets even more for Head-fi'ers persuit of perfect audio reproduction. Just a heads up guys now it's going for an unbelievably low price of $16.45 which IMHO is a steal currently for the XE800 as it has now dropped to $16.XX since early January 2017 from Rillpac Store @ Aliexpress for the Vivo XE800
  5. endia
    even lower; $12.50
  6. Singleton
    @endia ikr but I trust Rillpac Store more on Aliexpress as I'd had excellent customer service from them as they have being trading on Aliexpress since 2010 with 10511 reviews and 99.2% Positive feedback. Plus all of the other products i've bought ferom them are 100% authentic and arrived quickly with cheap shipping options and as described from Rillpac they even kindly warn you of counterfeits that is priced way too cheap in each of their listings for popular in demand goods.
  7. bobthedespot
    Grabbed two pairs. Very excited to have a pair again. Thanks for the link!!!!
  8. Pastapipo
  9. endia
    what mods do you planning?
    i ordered one too for modding but i'm not sure if i can handle to transform it to a detachable cable phone..
  10. Pastapipo

    I want to try to drill some holes to improve bass quantity.
  11. endia

    I did and it works really..

  12. Pastapipo
    Nice! Lets see how mine will sound
  13. fairx
    Hi guys. So the general concensus, aliexpress xe800 all legit? Even the 13 usd one? I want to replace my soundmagic e80 as the cable too worn out already.
  14. Ruben123
    No most cheapest are fake. Just message the seller, they don't want no disputes so if you tell them you want an original or genuine, you'll find out
  15. fairx
    thanks I will order from recommendations
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