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REVIEW: Vivo Xplay 3S + XE800 Mobile audio perfection

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  1. Majin
    I will also order them during the 11.11 sale maybe pick up havi as well.
  2. ayao
    Taken from the KZ thread:
    It sucks to see how the seller handled your order... I actually read your post on reddit shortly before 11.11 so I purchased from a different store, but I'll still see how my $18AUD XE800 compares with my original pair ($50USD from Taobao).
    Yesterday, I had a bit of fun with the Vibro Veritas and made a few measurements. The chart below contains the XE800, GR07BE, VSD3 and AN16. Try and guess which one is which, it's quite easy :p
    EDIT: I should've changed one of the colours to light blue or something; the one with the weird 1khz response is the one without the 6-7khz peak. The yellow and grey lines can be a little hard to tell apart, sorry about that! 
    Red: VSonic GR07 Bass Edition
    Yellow: VSonic AN16 (it's the one with the weird 1khz response, without the 6-7khz peak)
    Grey: Vivo XE800 (less bass with a small 2khz bump, making it a bit more shouty/sibilant)
    Green: Vsonic VSD3 (less mids, giving it a bassy signature)
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  3. hakuzen
    just received more Vivo XE800s, from
    $13.85 now, as legit as the other good ones.
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  4. chickenmoon
  5. hakuzen
    now i got two pairs from Beteran, also very good, and the fastest shipped and delivered by a wide margin (they used DHL Global Mail, i paid for Singapore Post):
    less than $15, the best option IMO.
  6. waveriderhawaii
    "PenonAudio" is selling the XE800 for $24.90 on eBay. I have no way of verifying that this is the real PenonAudio.
    These are $99 at their store.
  7. ayao
    Their official site does link to that eBay store (near the bottom right), so it should be the real PenonAudio store. The $99 price tag is fairly outdated, and you can find a legitimate "non-retail" XE800 for as low as $15USD. I'm not exactly sure when the price drop occurred, but the $25 eBay listing is normal, maybe even a bit overpriced.
  8. SkiesOfAzel
    If these are actually legit xe800s, this is the best deal i've ever come across concerning iems. Since i happen to own an original pair of these, i've ordered a couple of those newer ones to compare. Shipping should take a while but i will post impressions when they reach me. Too bad my second gr07ce (third gr07 overall) has recently stopped working.
  9. hoshiyomi
    I am inclined to think the cheap ones off Aliexpress are real, I have 2 samples from 2 different sellers, and they are on par in terms of excellent channel matching, low distortion, and generally similar neutral but bass light sound signature. The tuning makes them feel rather reserved, and I can see how many are not immediately wowed by them. Personally I would ramp the xe800s up a bit under 100hz for a more balanced sound.
  10. chickenmoon
    Well they got me fooled for a while but then I went back to my Fidelio S2 and, boy, ain't those XE800 muddy sounding after all? Disregarding sound signature difference, all those XE800 have against the S2 is they need less juice and have lower cable microphonics. If they are genuine and in the same ball park as the GR07 I am glad I choose to buy the S2 over the GR07 a while back.
  11. hoshiyomi
    Would you consider modding and measuring a pair?
    I took a sewing needle, held it with a pair of pliers for grip, and firmly driven the tip through the back shell (poked at the dot over letter "i" so it doesn't look out of place)
    From experience back porting tends to add bass, and I think it may have improved sub-bass a little, if not placebo. Be careful not to puncture too far though, you might end up damaging the driver assembly.
  12. loomisjohnson

    i just got a replacement pair of xe800 from beteran on ali express for $14--they were real.
  13. hoshiyomi
    for those who may be interested, this is what they look like under the shell.
  14. SkiesOfAzel
    If these batches are indeed original pairs, then Vivo has re-tuned their sound by making the back vents smaller. My own pair which was part of the first ever batch of XE800s had more bass (especially midbass) than a GR07 mk2 or CE. The only way i could make it sound like @ayao 's graphs was to block the back vents with something.
  15. hoshiyomi

    which port(s) are you referring to when you mentioned the "back vents"? I can only locate two vents at the front facing the concha, and no other vents.
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