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REVIEW: Vivo Xplay 3S + XE800 Mobile audio perfection

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  1. rikk009
    Edit: I went on to burn these for 50+ hours, changes were subtle.
  2. Ruben123

    Could you a bit more specific about how they sound? May help other users (incl me) to find out if we got fakes/the cheaper version if that exists at all. Maybe the seller sells fakes telling you they are real, though a cheaper one (hey that is why they sound different!) even though they are thus fakes then. If you get what I mean lol.
    Mine sound like the Monoprice 8320 but more balanced: less bass and no treble humps and bumps.
  3. rikk009
    I don't have them anymore. Mailed them back tot he seller which he denied so I lost the IEM and money. But from memory I can say the treble was very tamed, details were lacking, sounded like ordinary IEMs not 'another league of their own' as said in a few reviews. Mids were good but bass had good presence. With burn-in I notice little more sub-bass and less mid-bass. Instrument placement was very odd, very unrefined.
  4. Ruben123

    So your treble sounded dull? Mine certainly arent so that is a good sign. Pity for your ****** earphone payment. Sometimes you can try to reopen a dispute or so, or mailing Aliexpress.
  5. Ruben123
    These are also fake: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/100-Original-VIVO-XE800-High-definition-moveable-Hifi-Sound-system-in-ear-earphone-with-mic-Voice/32748723103.html
  6. hoshiyomi
    so which one if any other than the $99 ones are genuine?
  7. Ruben123

    There are many links already given but you can always message the seller and say if it is not genuine you will go for a dispute. They're very quick to reply they're copies lol

    @ ALL
    what are the best tips (lol) and tricks? I use small bore tips now but I think it attenuates the higher frequencies and lower frequencies though recessing the mids. Some tape does indeed take some bass away which is not logical since when closing the Monoprices's vents you get much more bass. Speaking of which, using shall bore tips on them with a tiny bit of cotton makes them sound almost the same with the Monoprices having even less bass than the vivo.
  8. scizzro
    So is there sort of a natural upgrade from the Xe800? I have the $18 pair, and whether they're authentic or not, I enjoy their sound. I'd like to find something along the line of the Xe800 with better details and maybe a bit more bass. If anyone knows where I should start looking, let me know!
  9. loomisjohnson

    i love the xe800, but i gotta say the granvela urbanfun is a notch better--not necessarily more detail, but more bass for sure and great balance.
  10. Ruben123
    If youd like to do it, Im interested in a comparison of the two :) I would like the Vivo to have a bit less highs, fuller mids and the bass may stay the same and if it has to increase (in case of the Urbanfun I guess?) please not by any much, just a very little.
  11. loomisjohnson

    i was actually listening to the vivo last night and remembered why i dug 'em in the first place--they really have exceptional detail retrieval and clarity. compared to the urbanfun, the vivo has about the same bass depth and speed, but less quantity--the urbanfun has a little thicker note presentation overall. highend is equally extended/detailed on both, tho the vivo sounds a little more vivid/colored and the urbanfun more neutral. i'm still inclined to give the slight edge to the urbanfun, which sounds a little larger and is better suited to denser/bassier material, although the vivo is damn good for acoustic/intimate fare.
    Ruben123 likes this.
  12. Ruben123

    Thanks a lot. Nice 11/11 are coming so I guess I'll give them a try! I do mainly l listen to acoustical music though but we'll see. I'll keep you updated!
  13. harry501501
    The Urbanfun, although technically good was just a bit 'clinical' to my ears and the bass although it had good resolution, just sounded a bit lifeless to me... more thud like. It's treble was excellent though, very crisp, bags of detail. Treble heads would really enjoy it IMO.
  14. loomisjohnson
    i don't disagree--the urbanfun has an analytical quality which might sound lifeless to those used to the more hyped-up, commercial tuning of most of the other players on these pages. what i found extraordinary was how closely the urbanfun matches the signature of  really pricey top-line flagships and CIEMs in terms of accuracy and detail.
  15. Ruben123
    You made me so curious... Can't wait for them to arrive!
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