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Jan 31, 2010
The Violectric V200 Headphone Amp is currently  engineered by Lake People.  The Violectric company was started in the early 90’s and they began there company with a 20 bit A/D and D/A converter.  From then on, there goal was to distribute their professional range products to broadcast, television, airports, exhibition halls, festival venues, theatres, large-scale installations, and private studios. But more recently their products have gained the attention of music lovers and Hi-Fi enthusiasts.
When I heard of the V200 headphone amp from the world renowned Violectric company I immediately contacted Robert from Aphrodite Audio to grab a loan. He was so kind to start my beginning of reviewing amps and headphones. So a huge thanks to you Robert.
[size=8.5pt]Unbalanced Inputs[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Balanced Inputs[/size]
[size=8.5pt]10 kOhms[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Unbalanced Outputs[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Balanced Outputs[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Number of Channels[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Nominal Input Level[/size]
[size=8.5pt]+6 dBu[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Amplifier Gain[/size]
[size=8.5pt]8 dB[/size]
[size=8.5pt]... with Pre-Gain[/size]
[size=8.5pt]-4/+2/+8/+14/+20 dB[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Frequency Range (-0,5 dB)[/size]
[size=8.5pt]5 Hz - 60 kHz[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Damping Factor (in 50 Ohm Load)[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Dynamic Range (A-wtd)[/size]
[size=8.5pt]128 dB[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Noise (A-wtd)[/size]
[size=8.5pt]-100 dB[/size]
[size=8.5pt]THD+N @ 10V / 100 Ohms (1W)[/size]
[size=8.5pt]-110 dB[/size]
[size=8.5pt]THD+N @ 4V / 32 Ohms (0,5W)[/size]
[size=8.5pt]-103 dB[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Crosstalk @ 1 kHz[/size]
[size=8.5pt]-110 dB[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Crosstalk @ 15 kHz[/size]
[size=8.5pt]-95 dB[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Output Voltage in 600 Ohms[/size]
[size=8.5pt]18,5 V[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Output Power in 600 Ohms[/size]
[size=8.5pt]570 mW[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Output Voltage in 100 Ohms[/size]
[size=8.5pt]14,8 V[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Output Power in 100 Ohms[/size]
[size=8.5pt]2200 mW[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Output Voltage in 50 Ohms[/size]
[size=8.5pt]11,6 V[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Output Power in 50 Ohms[/size]
[size=8.5pt]2700 mW[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Output Voltage in 32 Ohms[/size]
[size=8.5pt]8,0 V[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Output Power in 32 Ohms[/size]
[size=8.5pt]2000 mW[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Output Voltage in 16 Ohms[/size]
[size=8.5pt]4 Veff[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Output Power in 16 Ohms[/size]
[size=8.5pt]1000 mW[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Number of Outputs[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Power Supply[/size]
[size=8.5pt]230 / 115 V[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Power Consumption[/size]
[size=8.5pt]10 VA[/size]
[size=8.5pt]Dimensions (WxHxD) mm[/size]
[size=26pt]Build quality, arrival [/size]
The V200 came in a perfectly packaged, double boxed, bubble wrapped box.


This was the first of two boxes^ and this was the second

This was the box that was surrounded by bubble wrap, and then in which the box was also covered in foam.  The box contained a manual, power cord, and a really nice (silver(not sure)) USB cable. After I hooked everything up I had two updates that updated the amp, and I had to change my sound settings to the amp. When I took out the amp from the plastic, I was amazed on how small it was, but was also intrigued by the amount of weight to it. The case was very nicely built, and a nice stepped attenuator that has a weaved texture to it.
[size=26pt]Test setup[/size]
The V200 was burned in for about 50 hours and the headphones had probably close to 200 hours. The setup goes as follows;
iTunes 320kbps > 16 Bit / 48 kHz USB > V200 > Denon AH-5000 with stock cable/ J$ pads
iTunes  320kbps > iPod 80gb Classic > Denon AH-5000 with stock cable/ J$ pads



Song 1> Offenbach - Orpheus In The Underworld

Compared to my iPod, the highs were ear piercing and were uncomfortable to listen to. The amp was quick to tame those highs and gave the music much more depth, and polished the rough parts of the music and made it more real.
Song 2 > Heart- These Dreams

The iPod was more filmy, (when you see a cup of soup, after awhile a film build on the top of the soup) and was hiding the background instruments that were part of the music.

Song 3 > Jean Sudbury- Just Like You

Once again the iPod was adding in fuzz which was making it more like my orchestra, when my teacher used his iPod and hooked it up to this big speaker. All he was looking to do was to amplify the sound (which sounded like crapolaa). The amp was making the song more reveling and you could easily decipher the vibrato and the digging-in of the bows on the instruments as it should of been played.  

Song 4 > Natasha Bedingfield- Wild Horses

The iPod still struggling will high vocals. The amp was sure to be quick on polishing that and making it more comfortable and pleasant to listen to. The amp made this song feel as if it was right there in front on me.

Song 5 > Owl City- Fireflies

You could really hear the energy in this song with the amp. The effects and the energy (ENERGY) could just really be felt. I am really astonished in what can be felt in this song using the amp.
Song 6 > Peter Cetera- Feels Like Rain


When using the amp, this song was like day and night. The song on the iPod was straining and was feeling farther away, as with the amp the song feels closer and all the faults with the iPod immediately went away and didn’t come backJ Sorry this song is only 192kbps
Song 7 > The Rolling Stones- Shake Your Hips

The iPod was just bringing out unnecessary instruments and amplifying them as with the amp it was all the same and was clear and crisp.
[size=26pt]Conclusion [/size]
I was amazed on what compact size could bring. This amp was a pleasure to review, another huge thanks to Robert from Aphrodite Audio. What I have learned from this review, is that yes, it is necessary to have an amp with headphones over $400. Amp compared to the iPod, lets put it this way, the iPod was just struggling. The highs, mids everything, there was just an effect the iPod made. Maby an iMod would take that out of the question, but in the end, the amp was making everything a pleasure to listen to. Sorry I cant recommend/ or not recommend this amp in this $1000 price range, since this is just my first review, of hopefully many reviews. Thanks you
F.Y.I- If you find any mistakes please feel free to PM me, and I may update this with some high impedance cans.
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If you can hear these differences with amps that's fantastic.  This amp is a powerhouse from what I hear.  Congratulations.
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Welcome to the Michigan Violectric club.... you and me brother....
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