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REVIEW: Unique Melody Merlin - hybrid dynamic/balanced armature custom IEM

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  1. Fadem

    Nice! I envy you; my impressions are still on their way apparently. Stephen said not to worry, so I'll try and be patient for now. Please post pictures when you come back home, I'm interested in your designs!
  2. uli87
    Bummer :)
    4 weeks is definitely fast. If you knew how beautiful these sound it would be an even harder wait! Interested in hearing your first impressions, always fun to read.
  3. nardkumz
    whaaaaattt??! 4 weeks?! if they are working that fast currently, i'm expecting to get my miracle next week then :D waiting is indeed the hardest thing to do 
  4. rootkie

    I was expecting a longer wait so it was a pleasant surprise when i got the call. I ordered through Stereo Singapore though, not direct to um. Now I'm the one delaying the collection lol.
    Hope the fit is good though as this is my first ciem.
  5. gideon228
    Hi, I'm looking to get these Merlins. Can you tell me how deep does the bass drop on Giorgio Moroder's "74 is the new 24" and the clarity or realism of the piano? Also add what your source is...
  6. nardkumz
    I also ordered through a dealer in germany, and yeah, i didn't expect it to come to me in 4 weeks. Nonetheless, i'm looking forward to it, as it should be there next week :) it better fits well, as we are nearing the lunar new year, which means 2 weeks holiday
  7. rootkie

    Good point. Totally forgot about the Chinese new year holiday. Now all the more i wish the fit is good.
  8. rootkie
    Finally collected my Merlin[​IMG]
    The pictures don't do them justice. Fit on the left side is very good, right side is not as good although the seal is there but it feels a little uncomfortable. First impression on the bass is good probably will get even better when the dynamic driver starts to get more mileage. The bass does not overwhelm the other frequencies. Compare with my Heir 3.ai, the bass on the merlin definitely goes deeper but the 3.ai has the same or more in quantity but just not as deep. The 3.ai has a warmer signature. Haven't really had much time to spend on the merlin yet so the above comments are probably going to change. [​IMG]
  9. nardkumz
    I thought you are already leaving head-fi because of the pure bliss of sound :D
    It's a shame that it doesn't fit perfectly, anyway am STILL waiting for my miracle, can't wait much longer, if by 19th of february it's still not yet there, i'm gonna order ACS encore!!
    jelt2359 likes this.
  10. rootkie
    I will always lurk around here lol. Hope you get your miracle soon. Look forward to see some pictures of it.
  11. uli87
    Congratz :) Solid design.
    When I first listened to the Merlins I was actually more impressed with the mids than the bass. They just jumped out at me :) Such a smooth listen...
    How does the Heir 3 compare with treble and sound stage?
  12. Fadem
    Congratulations rootkie! The design very much reminds me of the UE900s with the semi-transparant blue shells, black (carbon) faceplates and silver logo engraving; was this on purpose or just a coincidence? I haven't heard anything about my shipment arriving yet, I'll contact Stephen again on Monday. This wait is horrible; how did you guys get through it? 
  13. nardkumz
    I am waiting everyday for that special delivery. I dunno if I'm gonna be able to keep myself together and take a photo of it once it arrives. :D
    well, it worth the wait
  14. nardkumz
    this wait is INDEED horrible sire. we are on the same page here
  15. rootkie

    The Merlin has way better treble than the 3. Some songs with high treble, the 3 will sound a little piercing. With the Merlin it's a different story. Although overall the 3 still performs very well. Sound stage wise, i find them similar with the Merlin being the wider one. The 3 has a warm sound signature.
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