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REVIEW: Unique Melody Merlin - hybrid dynamic/balanced armature custom IEM

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  1. JackKontney
    For live performance, you should strongly consider a silicone CIEM. Jaw movement is far more likely to result in lost seal with hard materials like acrylic. Silicone provides deeper fit, and flexes with the ear canal to help maintain the seal under duress. It's a lot more comfortable, too.
  2. nardkumz

    Thank you for the recommendations! I did consider UERM, but the price is just over my range.
    Anyway, i've decided to order UM miracle in an hour. I appreciate all the opinions and recommendation, but due to personal reasons, i'd just go for UM. :) i'd sure be the happiest man once i get my first CIEM :D
  3. hanes
    In another post I saw there seems to be an universal version of the Merlin. But I could not find these on the UM webpage. Where can I buy them? Thanks! :)
  4. efib

    There is an "universal fit" option at the official site and you can ask your um guy for it! I
  5. White Lotus
    I use the Merlins for stage use - they are perfect for it.
    They attenuate just as much as my other customs do (Westone ES3X).
    They also sound great when using them for casual listening.
  6. nardkumz

    This is getting interesting, i cancelled my order yesterday because of the xmas pause. I'd do some more research then.
    But in the end, i wouldn't go wrong with either of them (merlin n miracle), right ?
  7. hanes

    Thanks! :)
  8. rootkie
    Finally got my first ciem in the form of merlin..eagerly awaiting for its arrival. Hope the fitting will be good
    davidcotton and Rainman26 like this.
  9. ddaktiv
    Miracle is too lacking.. As mentor and legacy is more capable... Bass wise though the merlin still trumps them for realism. Hope that helps.
  10. Fadem
    Does anyone know how long it takes for ear impressions to clear customs in China? I've sent mine with tracking and the status has been "Received in country of destination" for 5 days now.
  11. uli87

    Not quite sure. You can send Stephen Guo or UM an email so they can check for you in another week or so. I also couldn't find any status updates when I sent them with my mail service.
  12. Bazirker
     I think it depends on the mood of the particular customs agent that happens to get a hold of your package.  FWIW, mine cleared quickly.  Keep in mind that tracking doesn't tend to work very well with international shipping.
  13. Fadem
    Alright, thanks for the heads up @uli87 and @Bazirker. I'll contact Stephen somewhere next week and see how that goes.
  14. nardkumz

    Well, i've pulled trigger on miracle like last month, and am now waiting for it, it should be done this coming week :D

    Regarding mentor and legacy, we still can't order them through our local dealer here in EU. Well, could've ordered UM Mentor from a dealer in UK, but exchange rate from pounds to euro is just ridiculous.
    I'd consider UM mentor or JH Audio roxanne for my second CIEM tho :)
  15. rootkie

    My merlin is finally ready for collection :). But i happened to be overseas :frowning2: lol. Can't wait to get back and collect it. It took about 4 weeks which i think is quite fast.
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