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REVIEW: Unique Melody Merlin - hybrid dynamic/balanced armature custom IEM

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  1. Barolo
    Can't seem to find anything on there site,plus they didn't send me any emails either,hope there service is better if I'm going to purchase
  2. efib
    I was subscribed and that's how I found out, I believe that um Brazil has special prices as well, check their Facebook ! I think that merlins are at 800$ with free art work or metal inserts and some prize !
  3. Barolo
    I found custom iem's in UK with 10% of, I also emailed um about not receiving alerts,cheers
  4. bigtim
    Oh wow. Got the Merlins hooked up to an iBasso DX90 / ALO Audio 'The National' and the sound awesome! This is what I'd hoped they would sound like. The bass response is immense. Yay :beerchug:
  5. uli87
    So you claim the addition of an external amp to your DX90 is drastically improving their sound quality? I'm just using the HO and they sound banging to me.
  6. ddaktiv
    Guys what's the wait time this month you figure? Advised time is around 4weeks but--
    Just sent for one tonight and I can't wait :)

    Also cable suggestions?
    8 strand Hybrid silver + copper? Anybody got suggestions? Does it even need one?
    Looking for one to terminate in 2.5trrs though...

    Was almost set to get the legacy or mentors but then again, when you compare these and other ciems with the merlins, the Merlin's bass presence never sounded lacking, nor fake and it just kicks ass.
  7. uli87
    Took mine about 6 weeks.
    I don't really believe in all the cable replacing, unless the stock one stopped working. I think it's a much better idea to put that money aside for other headphones, as that would give you a much more different, new and exciting presentation than buying a new cable would (if it even does change the sound at all).
    I never auditioned the rest of the UM line up. I bought these only based on reviews I read and I am very happy with them. The bass is delicious and for me not overpowering or too much. 
  8. ddaktiv
    Thanks Uli, guess I'd have to be really patient...
    Cable wise wanna listen to my balanced port. Curious how it would sound like thus the replacement cable.
    ive tried listening to the balanced port with my 215s and it sounded really creamy thus wondering if anyone here had any experience with other cable types paired with the merlin.
    So far the best ones I've tried was the hybrid silver w copper strands from effect but held off on the purchase as I knew I wanted to get a better iem first. But yeah, the difference is a lot.
    I never subscribed to burn in last time as well, till I heard the change in sound signature whilst listening to my dap about 2 weeks in. It just opened up..so now I'm a believer of sorts.
    Cable wise not planning t purchase the most expensive cable (yet) as I understand diff iems and certain types don't mix well.. But yeah, the main reason would be to finally listen to balanced output.
    Geez, the wait iS killing me.

    Unique melody,
    if you guys are reading this... Please release a cable with a 2.5mm trrs plug and options for 8 strand hybrid copper and silver wire.. I would to have that in a low profile RA jack similar to the RA 3.5 jack you have now...
    That would be something... Hybrid cables with hybrid iems :):)
  9. ChubbsAU
    Pretty dissapointed / frustrated with UM at the moment. Made an order for some Merlins with a rush order paid for on 30th with impressions being sent out on the 14th of November. Still yet to recieve them and I'm having a very hard time seeing what exactly the $275 they charge for rush order even is for.
    Advised was going to be around 5 working days for construction and im now approaching 20 working days. So unless shipping to and from Australia is 15 working days this is a bit of a joke
    Won't be recommending anyone to purchase with UM at all considering the experience I have had. Interestingly the rush order isn't even an option on the store any longer
  10. White Lotus
    Nah, we just love our Merlins so much.
    I've tried so many different IEMs - the Merlin, in my opinion, is perfection. It's exactly how I like to listen to my content. 
    I know a lot of others feel the same way. 
  11. efib
    Finally got a pair of universal merlins :D

    I just love them, don't know what I love in them but I love them, maybe it's the bass? There is plenty of bass, really deep but it's dominating the presentation in some tracks, maybe it's the tips. But overall I really love them , definitely going to get the custom version!
  12. nardkumz
    hello guys, sorry if i join the party quite late.
    I'm about to order my first CIEM, and i'm considering UM merlin or UM miracle. I'd use them for live performance, so the isolation is important, which also made me thinking that miracle is better option rather than merlin (after reading some review about merlin's isolation here).
    Anyway i play bass, so yeah, that's one reason why i thought merlin would work good for me. does anyone of you have experience of using them on stage?
    my current IEM: sony xba-4 and shure SE-425
  13. uli87
    Awesome man [​IMG] keep the impressions coming :)
    It has been mentioned before that the isolation on the Merlins should be just as good as any other standard acrylic CIEM like the Miracles. The vent in the Merlins is not connected to the sound tubes that direct the sound from the drivers to your ears, it is only there to let air flow come in contact with the dynamic driver.
    I don't know what would be better for stage use... perhaps the Merlins will sound a bit more realistic and accurate for bass, or maybe they are considered too colored? 
  14. nardkumz

    Nice to know that the isolation isn't affected through the vent.
    But yeah, the fact that it's quite fun sounding also come to consideration. Some say UM miracle is neutral sounding, that's why i think it would be better for stage usage.

    Do you have either one of them anyway? I'm currently more to miracle, but am really thinking hard before taking the plunge :D
  15. uli87
    I have the Merlins, and they're great for my music listening. Never heard the Miracles, only read stuff about them. If you're looking for CIEMs strictly for stage use, perhaps it's better to go for Sensaphonics or ACS, or even something more neutral like the UERM or Noble 4C as I think the whole Unique Melody line is geared more towards audiophiles rather than musicians or performers.
    You should think hard, it's quite an investment! Don't worry, I have spent countless hours on here (I lost count, and if I knew what it was, I'd be ashamed to say) sometimes rereading whole threads before making decisions. Perhaps search the forums or even start a new thread so people with more experience can chip in. 
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