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REVIEW: Unique Melody Merlin - hybrid dynamic/balanced armature custom IEM

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  1. hanes

    Can you describe the general difference between Merlin and IE800 a little? Thank you! :)
  2. DeepGroove
    Posted earlier in this thread
  3. uli87
    With so many high end headphones, I wonder if you try to dedicate some time to each or do you have a favorite child? :p
  4. Barolo
    Are the Merlin's ,good for blues music ,with a nice rich guitar tone
  5. Bazirker
    Yes, in particular in representing a nice, rich timbre when it comes to bass lines.
  6. uli87
    Definitely, but not only that.
    I play electric guitar and listen to alot of instrumental rock/shred stuff like Steve vai, Eric Johnson and some older rock like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd that is closer to blues/rock tones. Overdriven guitars sound phenomenal! You can really hear the dynamic, pick attack and the guitar tone (depending on the artist :p) just sounds really rich. If i had to compare the sound to something I would say a nice thick beer like Paulaner :)
    Vocals of blues like BB King stuff will sound very prominent and clear while all the instruments surround them on the big stage.
  7. Barolo
    They sound just like what I'm after I was tempted by asg 2 ,once I've got my heirs 5 sold,I'll have to keep saving,Jimmy thackery live in Detroit awaits my upcoming iem's
  8. Barolo
    Hi,what was the outcome of your bad experience with your merlins
  9. White Lotus
  10. uli87
    Gotta love the carbon fiber Merlins :wink:
    Wonder how it compares to carbon fiber designs that other companies do.
  11. efib
    Has anyone the "cyan" color on his ciems? Thanks !
  12. uli87
    Man these are great.  Listening to all of my music again with a new presentation. Everything sounds so spacious, main instruments/vocals are so textured and in your face with thick warm bass always adding a satisfying amount of weight.
    I may have joined this party too late :D it seems everyone has moved on to newer (better?) things. With the insane CIEM competition out there, I feel everyone is racing to try out more stuff and it's harder to just sit back and appreciate things. I can't imagine it getting much better than this.
  13. efib
    If anyone wants a unique melody ciem now it's the time! I believe that there is an 22% discount :cool:
  14. Barolo
    What site did you see the sale as I can't find it
  15. efib
    I was on their mail list and they sent the code to me, but I think that it was until yesterday :/
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