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REVIEW: Unique Melody Merlin - hybrid dynamic/balanced armature custom IEM

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  1. DeepGroove
    I think having the openings so deep in the ear helps transmit this physical sensation. But a well-driven LCD2 can convey some serious power and rumble on guitar strings and drums!
  2. uli87
    I still haven't heard a properly driven LCD 2/3, HD800, and didn't spend enough time listening to the T1, but compared to my Ultrasone Pro 900 (which is no slouch in details) even my Brainwavz R3 seems to flesh out more texture to the sounds. Over ear headphones may convey air and space better, but then I listen to the Merlins and am blown away by the size of the presentation. 
  3. DeepGroove
    Give it a little time, the dynamic driver for bass is particularly receptive to burn in.
  4. White Lotus
    Merlin has a very low impedance, and is pretty fussy with the source you drive it with. 
  5. uli87
    I'm not sure if you misunderstood me or vice versa. I am saying I hear texture on the Merlins (and even on my lesser IEM) that just can't be conveyed in the same way through over ear headphones, even expensive ones.
  6. ChubbsAU
    Is anyone currently running the Merlin's with a Fiio E12 ? I have an E12 lying around and I tested it with my Earsonics Sm3 and heard no audible hiss but was wondering if the merlin also has zero hiss.
  7. White Lotus
    No hiss with my E18.
    I'd be very surprised if you heard hiss from an E12. It's known for having a very low noise floor.
    Last time I paired my Merlin with the E12, there was no hiss. They paired together nicely. 
  8. uli87
    Have any of you heard an IEM or CIEM with significantly more bass than the Merlins? 
  9. MuZo2
  10. uli87
    I read a lot about the se846 and people do love the bass on it. I've also seen a few headfiers say that they prefer the DD feel of the Merlins to the drier sounding BA the 846 has. Would be awesome to try one out one day though...
    What I am getting at is that tracks that really rumble on my Ultrasone Pro 900 don't really have the same feel as my Merlins... Of course I'm comparing 40mm drivers to 9mm(?). I thought having the driver so close to your ear drum with great isolation could get similar results regardless of size, was I dreaming?
  11. Ivabign
    JH16fp, 1964 Ears V8, Heir Audio 8A, Tralucent 1+2, JVC 850.... (Hopefully Ref1 - don't know yet)
    But the sub bass on the Merlin is great - it sounds like you are longing for a combination of mid-bass and sub-bass....
  12. DeepGroove
    IE800, 1964 v8. The Merlin bass is quite different from these models as it is mostly sub-bass. Really particular, personality I love it (I found the JH13 to have the same flavor)
  13. White Lotus
    I would recommend using EQ. The Merlin responds incredibly to it. 
    The dynamic driver has plenty of headroom, ready to be pushed hard. 
  14. uli87
    I don't think it's midbass, maybe a few more db of subbass so I could feel the bass a tad more. It seems I am a hopeless basshead [​IMG] I guess most people would say it would be too much that way though... I just honestly don't know how the heck people like listening to more bass light/analytical headphones than this, it would be so unsatisfying for me! Would love to hear all the other headphones presentations...
    I am not against EQ but I still oddly prefer to listen to "flat" to get the response that was intended by the engineers.
    On a unrelated note,I keep getting surprised by the mids. Astonishingly lush and forward.
  15. White Lotus
    I'm not sure if there is much advantage to this - the level of bass you are after is rather high from an IEM. 
    There is nothing wrong with a little EQ - even a basic FiiO amp with a bass boost switch might satisfy you!
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