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REVIEW: Unique Melody Merlin - hybrid dynamic/balanced armature custom IEM

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  1. mohdkhamsya
  2. mohdkhamsya
  3. burpingboy
    After much testing, i finally bit the bullet today for a pair of Merlins, hopefully will arrive within 6 weeks in immaculate condition without fitting or technical issues, to replace my 5 year old dual driver LiveWires.
    Hopefully it will look like how i wanted it with correct colour combinations and custom art like how i rendered it:
  4. DeepGroove
    Do the universals have a bass vent too?
  5. davidcotton

    How much were the universal merlins, and how did you order them?
  6. mohdkhamsya
    Hi all. Yep they do! The vents are very small metal tubings. I got them for sgd900 in all. The local distributor has a sale going on this July. They sell all of the um series and after trying the whole lineup, i liked the Merlins the best. I even preferred it to the mentors. The demo sets were all hand made acrylic universals and i had expected mine to be so but apparently um now 3d prints the universals so its much2 faster, not to mention a smaller body which is very comfortable. The saleaperson ticked 3d printed universals in my order sheet. I believe my pair of merlins were constructed in China. I've had them for a week and they sound spectacular. I hope to be able to write a short review soon. Its strange how people are going on and on about the new hybrids but very few seem to have revisted the Merlins. Having owned a fair bit of iems and headphones, I think these are a fantastic pair of earphones. A great accomplishment by um.
  7. BooBoo91
    I really tempted to reshell my Merlin into Universal form. After a year i realize that it's better to have Universal form for listening when i lie on my bed (most of time).
    Beside, the really did well on universal's design. I gonna throw 250 for it ><
  8. mohdkhamsya

    Be sure to ask for the 3d printed version. Its really very comfortable. But you'll have to try different tips to settle on a particular sound. The different tips dont mess the sound about a great deal. Its just that there are very subtle differences.
  9. davidcotton


    Any idea if they would ship to uk?
  10. mohdkhamsya
    You'd have to contact Stephen guo of um global. He'd be able to give you your answer. :)
  11. davidcotton

  12. uli87
    I read through this whole thread twice now (what am I doing with my life?). Once before ordering the Merlin, now again since I placed the order earlier today [​IMG] (need to reinforce myself after the sinking feeling of departing with all that money).
    I am upgrading to this from my Brainwavz R3 IEM that I received for free with my Ibasso DX90 from mp4nation. I think I am in for a real treat! I went down this path because after getting the Ultrasone Pro 900 I got addicted to soundstage, and the merlin is basically a similar signature in a CIEM. I started getting fed up with the Pro 900 which are kind of heavy and hot. The cups swivel and drive me crazy fit wise, especially since I am so conscious of the whole S-logic and driver placement, so I keep repositioning them on my head. After starting to use the Brainwavz R3 (which sound great to my ears), I almost always prefered to quickly insert these than taking out the Pro 900 and messing with them on my head for an hour. Thing is, I do occasionally have fit issues with the R3 as well, having to adjust/push them in deeper and then start rolling tips when I get too annoyed.
    I was about to go for a higher tier IEM like Sennheiser IE80 or Sony EX1000/600, but then I read up on how some members here preferred their portable rigs (audiophile DAP + CIEM) compared to their expensive HD800/T1 desktop rigs. Hopefully my journey will end after this (who am I kidding?).
    Initially I was torn between the Merlin and the JH16 but decided on the Merlin since they are supposed to have a larger soundstage and are cheaper for me (I live in Israel). This still was sort of a tough decision due to all the marketing hype about 10 and 12 driver CIEMs out there. I wonder how much the Merlin keeps up with it's 4 BAs and 1 DD... I hope they aren't lagging too far behind.
    I know I have a long wait ahead of me but I was wondering if someone can enlighten me a little bit about impedance issues of the Merlin and the DX90. So far, I always use it on high gain as I feel it gives me the most dynamics.
    Thanks for all the wonderful impressions guys, couldn't have gotten all this info anywhere else [​IMG] 
  13. White Lotus
    Don't stress mate, you'll be really happy.
    I have no desire to upgrade from this IEM, ever... And I went through HEAPS of IEMs before I landed on these!
  14. kelske
    Cross posting like a boss..
    Just got mine this week! Love them.
    Here's some pics!
    The case in my photos is a Pelican 1010 :)
    The wait time was just over 6 weeks from sending off impressions to getting the iems back through Unique Melody Global (uniquemelody.co) - tough wait, but worth it!
  15. uli87
    *fingers crossed*
    I just couldn't find many other options that offer a huge soundstage with rumbling bass and airy highs, especially for this price. 
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