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REVIEW: Unique Melody Merlin - hybrid dynamic/balanced armature custom IEM

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  1. Staal
    The HD 25-1 II's are already gone [​IMG]
  2. piotrus-g
    Just pluged Merlin into Studio-V ...my GOD! audio-nirvana :) and even hiss isn't much of an issue with Merlin's low imped. I just don't want to stop listening to it.
  3. Cassadian
    You should try it to the RoCoo BA.
  4. piotrus-g
    I will :) soon
  5. Sorensiim
    A few from this morning, NOT shot with my phone this time [​IMG]
  6. ikitub
    woohooo.. my merlin is now in our country. will get it by next week. so excited to use it with my dx100. 
  7. PsiCore
    After 6 (!) months I received the AmpCity silver cable from the promo bundle. But... I'm still waiting for the hoodie and pendrive :wink:
  8. Sorensiim
    That pairing is nothing short of superb.
  9. ikitub
    yeah we have the same setup. but i still wanna know cause i still have my iBasso T5. and i'm thinking if i use it with my dx100 will it still improve. cause i wanna find a use for it. 
  10. Sorensiim
    Well there's a spot for it in the buy & sell section?
    Just kidding - but the DX100 wipes the floor with most portable amps, including the D12...
  11. piotrus-g
    I think my Merlins are growing on me. At first listen they sounded just very good after few days really very good, now... I'm just amazed with the sound. I love presentation of Merlins - real sense of space and great coherency with dynamic driver which is quite surprising given my recent "affair" with m-audio IE20xb aka. super.fi5EB
  12. Celereon
    Hello everyone!
    So I've been kind of a long time lurker here, been trying to figure out what kind of custom IEMs I want. Basically I'm a drummer, so I'd like a bit of extra bass to feel the music, which makes these seem ideal.
    I'm just concerned about the loss of isolation from the vent. Can anyone offer any reassurance in this regard? Anyone used them in loud environments (noisier than a train-type environment)?
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
  13. shamrock134
    There is no loss of isolation due to the vent. If you have a good seal, you get the full -25dB.
  14. piotrus-g
    "No loss" is a littile overstatement. I'd call it a very slight loss. However with music on you don't hear any ambient noise
  15. Staal
    Does the vent in any way lower the limit of how loud you'd be able to play before annoying those around you in a quiet environment?
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