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REVIEW: The Frogbeats C4...an explosively good custom in ear monitor....SERIOUSLY!

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  1. Rakan
  2. Spen Javer
    only caps can express the way i feel now
  3. chiman
    Anyone compare them to the heir 4.A? Thanks.
  4. JCYC5
    Which colour is that, Rakan?
  5. zenpunk
    Lovely shell but that logo is hideous. Who came up with that? I want names! [​IMG]
  6. Rakan

    The C4s are the Green and Blue ones. I and my friend both ordered the C4s. The Smoke Black one is the UM Miracle :)
  7. Rakan
    double post
  8. JCYC5
    Are those the "Frogbeat Green" and "Light blue"?
    Congrats... they must be wonderful :D
  9. LyPForever
    it's John Dear Green and Light Blue :wink:) , My C4 is John Dear Green , Rakan's C4 is Light Blue xD .
  10. engelhaft
    hi Rakan, Could you make a short comparison between the C4 and the miracle?
  11. Tera-Fi
    Rakan, you were right, the build quality looks fabulous from your photos.   The light hitting your light blue customs with gold Frogbeats logo makes it look even more spectacular.
    I see your 1 Own It and review.  Very nice.
    My wallet will be in trouble if LFF had the opportunity of listen to the 334's or UM Miracle and had a similar opinion as expressed in your review.  These IEM's are heavyweights and for an underdog to overtake an heavyweight, that is high praise.  I believe LFF's praise of C4 > UERM has overtaken one heavyweight, so my wallet maybe in trouble after all.
    BTW, I believe your friend's color scheme is John Deere Green, not John Dear.  The Frogbeats website has it named John Deer, but it could be intentionally mis-spelled that way.  I think it's implied John Deere, but I could be wrong.
    Anyways, great to see you and your friend's enjoyment and enthusiasm over this product.
  12. TwinQY
    A comparison between the C4/TG334/Miracles! I will be in their eternal gratitude. I've only heard the FitEar, so some perspective would be really, really helpful.
  13. Tera-Fi
    Here is an appetizer if you have not already read:
    I respect Rankan's review, but subjectivity is involved so waiting for a greater sample size.
    Rankan purchased the C4's based on LFF's great review, so my point was if LFF contributed to the sample size based on any potential past experience with the other heavyweights (334 & Miracles) besides UERM, game over for my wallet.  Not to take away from LFF's already great contribution or his policy of not commenting if the review is not positive or just no comment in general.  Likelihood maybe low, but one can hope.
  14. TwinQY
    Oh, I've read that already. Just waiting for a more detailed, in-depth comparison, as you stated above. Of course, what others choose to do with their time is completely their prerogative, so I can't really ask anyone to rush or do something they simply can't, or don't want to. 
  15. Tera-Fi
    Agreed, if it was the 99%.  But it is LFF, so sometimes you throw rationality out-the-door.  A fanboy gonna fanboy sometimes and hope.
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