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Review || SoundMAGIC E30

  1. -y0-
    I never heard of SoundMAGIC before until I read about them on Head-Fi and recently got to hear them for myself so I decided to share my thoughts on Head-Fi.. These are the perfect gym earphones for me. I like to thank Tony @ SoundMAGIC for giving me the chance to try out the E30. This was taken from http://inearaddiction.blogspot.com and my other reviews can be seen there as well. So here's my simple review of my new favorite gym earphones. [​IMG]


    Driver Type: 9mm dynamic

    Frequency Response: 15Hz-22KHz

    Sensitivity: 94dB

    Impedance: 12Ω

    Cable: 1.2m

    Connector: 3.5mm|straight|gold plated

    Warranty: 1 year


    The E30 comes in a small, simple package. It comes with a good amount of accessories which include 7 pairs of eartips, a shirt clip, a soft pouch, and a set of ear guides. I was impressed by the simple, attractive package but wasn't a fan of the soft pouch too much.


    The E30 is super light and has a shallow fit. It's very comfortable to wear and becomes barely noticeable. Isolation is decent but not great because of the shallow fit. The design is very simple and comes in white, blue, pink, or black.  It's pretty tiny and almost disappear in the ears. It's also vented and there's a tiny hole on each housing next to the nozzle.


    The E30 is mostly plastic with metal material on the y-split and 3.5mm plug. It's very light but feels solid. The cable feels rubbery and slightly prone to tangling. There is a chin slider but it's difficult to slide up because of the rubbery cable. There's also proper strain reliefs and the ones on the housing are colored coded, red for right and blue for left. The plug is straight with a gold plating. Overall, they feel good enough to use at the gym with no issues.


    The E30 has a pretty balanced sound. The treble isn't harsh at all, pretty neutral. The midrange isn't too forward or back but smooth. The bass isn't super deep or punchy but it's definitely there. The soundstage is actually quite good. Overall the sound is smooth, balanced, and pretty clear and it's one of the better sounding earphones under $50.

    The Verdict

    These are a steal for $40 or less. The overall sound, looks, build, and comfort is hard to beat within its price range. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for the perfect gym earphone or for those wanting a good sounding budget earphone. The E30 is most definitely worth every penny to my ears.


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