[REVIEW] Shure SE102
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May 3, 2009

This time we are looking at some IEM or just entry level Shure. They are designed to work with music players on-the-go with high noise isolation.

Nothing really special here, 4 sets of silicon tips of different sizes, a carrying case, a extender cable (you will need it useless you hang your iPod on your face.)


Real solid product, looks and feels like it can withstand many years of abuse from me. Cables are tough and a bit on the hard side, the cable leading from the headphone isn't that high quality, its just like standard cable to me, massive room for improvement. Worth noting that the extension cable have build quality leagues above the whole headphone, lots of copper, thick, strong yet very flexible. If you wonder why this is the case, it is because it is the same extension cable used on the high end SE530 too.

Initial Impression
Have I brought a fake?

Well to be honest, it sounds TERRIBLE out the box. Worse than all my headphone collection, including iBuds, gaming headset... So I throw them in a drawer and start burning-in with pink noise before returning them.

After Burn-in
Again, I am shocked, but pleasantly surprised that how much it transformed. From a piece of junk, into a pair of wonderful headphones. The mid is slightly recessed, so is the low-end, the headphones are leaning toward to being a bit bright, however I really liked the end result, its pleasant to listen to. It have lots of detail but quite slow(Dunno how being slow and detailed at the same time), can't cope with really complex passage that well. Having said so, it's still a solid product.


The strength of IEM is isolation, these performs really well in this area once you get a good fit. They isolation just enough so that normal noises can't detract you from the music but not enough to disconnect you from the current world. I think this a good as you can hear loud noise like a car's horn or someone shouting loudly for help, still they are not a good product to use on a busy street as you are less alerted. One interesting note, even you are isolated pretty well the IEM, amplify internal noise quite loudly, footsteps will become quite loud and you may even hear you own heartbeat when it is quiet enough. (I certainly do.)


They are excellent replacement for your stock headphone bundled with your music player and irreplaceable to a frequent traveller. The isolation certain with reduce more noise than active noise cancelling headphones, but does increase internal noise. The sound is above average, but have room for improvements, built quality is rather good and comes with a 2 years warranty. Not recommended to bassheads due to its light bass, or people who need full attention due to its isolation. I still found them excellent for a small portable setup.

RRP: £75

Street/Internet Price: Around £50


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Sep 29, 2008
Thanks for the review. My suspicion was that these are basically the same IEM as the e2c (based on their price and design), and from reading what you wrote it seems like that's what it pretty much is.

A tip: try different eartip types. I believe the 102's now only come with grey silicons, but I remember when I tried the orange foamies with my old e2c it helped the overall SQ. I'm not sure if they have Olives that fit e2c stems (which are thicker than most of the Shure line) but if they do then those may be worth a try as well.
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Jan 12, 2008
I do think that review sounds like the E2Cs, and everything I didnt like about them. They always seemed "bright" and it seemed like they were trying to have the feel of an open headphone, but never quite achieving it. Im not sure what it is. Sure sounds like the E2C though. Good review.

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