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Review: Questyle Audio QP1R - With Multiple Headphone and IEM Pairings

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by moedawg140, Aug 25, 2015.
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  1. sharkshark

    Thank you, that means a lot... two microsd cards and the X7 would be top of my list to get
  2. WCDchee

    You know buddy. I absolutely hate trolls.


    I don't think what you've done is wrong. In fact, I appreciate how you've made a consistent effort to acknowledge and appreciate moedawg140's efforts in this review. I'm sure he appreciates it, as I would if you showed your appreciation for something I spent lots of time doing up :)

    On a side note, Having tried the questyle, I do note that there was an audible hiss on my earphones, even my ditas which aren't the most sensitive IEMs.

    Have a great day everyone :)
  3. sharkshark

    Thank you as well
  4. WCDchee
    Also, just in case anyone thought I was here to troll, or to blast the questyle, I thought that sonically, the questyle was pretty awesome :)
  5. siwe1st
    Hmm, how come all the sudden more people start to hear hiss? My unit has audible hiss when using *very* sensitive IEMs like the Empire Ears Zeus, my Metal Jacket Rosie did not have any hiss. Maybe this issue is of various degree, who knows? My questions, should I still ask for a replacement unit to try out, or simply return the unit? I still have faith that a replacement would have little to no hiss.
    @moedawg140, what suggestion did you give in the last few pages to help alleviate hiss? I must have missed it. And just a Thank you for always being helpful. 
  6. WCDchee

    I believe that different people have different levels of sensitivity to hiss. That said, while I'm very sensitive, im not too bothered by it usually :)
  7. sharkshark

    Maybe more are just now coming forward.

    The suggestions I've received from several helpful users - use the volume seitch, get an impedence adapter, try another unit, get new headphones, live with the hiss and stop complaining.

    The volume switch of course worked by lowering noise of input and forcing me to increase volume on player, as an impedence insert would do as well. It's less than ideal and of course handicapping a specific quality of these headphones (for whatever that's worth)

    Good luck with your investigation, there's plenty of good suggestions above, I recommend you read as much of this whole thread as possible.
  8. Jack Vang
    Empire Ears Stay updated on Empire Ears at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  9. siwe1st
    I could really care less when the music is playing, it sounds marvelous. It's just during track transition and very quiet passages the layer of hiss distracts me. Other devices that I tried, DP-X1, AK380, and even my iPhone didn't have Any hiss from the Zeus IEM. So for $900 I expect no less from Questyle. And also there is my disappointment of this being my potential best sounding DAP, so close, yet so far...
    I notice the hiss is coming from the Amp, as the line-out side doesn't have any hiss. 
  10. sharkshark

    Heh, totally...lived with it on iPod forever.. But with FIIO I've had ability to "fall in" to a recording, even/especially one that has native "hiss" from tape (without competing player hiss) I found with the small time I had the player that it was more distracting than sympathetic, especially at medium gain (where the volume would be lowered, obviously but hiss sound stays same level).

    Again,as always, ymmv. Through my HD25s the player's background sounded silent in those very same passages.
  11. Renzo228
    Just had to post as the 2 excellent Qp1r threads have got a bit lively lately.

    I bought my Qp1r on the 1st December. Like a lot of members here, it is not possible for me to listen before buying. That's where guys like you, moedowg140 have my heartfelt gratitude.
    The review was the most comprehensive I have read on any DAP. So using whatever other information from other sources I could find at the time, I alone made a buying decision and bought a superb sounding DAP that can drive all my IEM'S and as a bonus my 250 ohm beyerdynamic T90s
    So for my first post I thought I should thank moedog140. Thanks moedog140 for an excellent review

    Good to see a few hifiers come across from the x5 threads, great Ears think alike.
  12. Jack Vang
    DP-X1 has served us really well and I personally use my Iphone 6s+ when at the gym. Had a chance to listen to Stillharts and Moe's QP1R but it was very brief with a good bit of ambient noise at CanJam so I unfortunately can't contribute much on this end lol
    Empire Ears Stay updated on Empire Ears at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/EmpireEars https://twitter.com/EmpireEars http://www.empireears.com/
  13. sharkshark
    cool, so confirmation the Onkyo doesn't suffer the same way?
  14. siwe1st
    The only two devices I hear background noise/hiss with Zeus IEMs on are the Mojo (which is documented in the forum already, I bought it before my Zeus, so it was my fault for not doing good homework on the pairing) and the QP1r. I purchased it with confidence after going through Moedawg's comprehensive review. He also personally assured that the Empire Ears line up has no hiss on QP1r. I do trust his words. My unit may very well be a faulty/imperfect unit.
  15. sharkshark

    Yeah, or a it's not the stock headphone setup. I'll let him speak to that, of course.
    As above I tried four units, all differed by FW. I'd hope it's a weird hardware run that's been resolved, that would be terrific news and certainly worth advertising.

    My unit was VIP Questyle in the low 400s, fwiw
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