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Review: Questyle Audio QP1R - With Multiple Headphone and IEM Pairings

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by moedawg140, Aug 25, 2015.
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  1. DecentLevi
    The answer is in the 2nd line three posts above
  2. kino lau
    With everything that you've commented on as far as the DAP and the fact that you bought it second hand...I'm thinking that something is wrong with the player. The Andros are sensitive, but I've never heard anything close to what you describe. My 846's are sensitive as well and I have never heard any hiss from those either...though admittedly I haven't used them since I got my Andromeda. The only noise I've ever heard was with a higher volume setting around 30, and it was reminiscent of the lead in of a vinyl track. I always begin listening at my default setting of 10, and make small increases in volume as my ears adapt to the sound. Most times I feel no need to go higher than 23 - 27 as I feel that is plenty loud. I like to push it a tad with some 80's and 90's rock. This is all on Low Gain. 
  3. goodvibes
    Just a few notes.
    This is primarily a DAP and should be compared to same. 
    If DecentLevi would like to PM me his email address, I'll send him both 1.05 and 1.02 which is even a hair more laid back sounding. Perhaps he can revisit.
    The post linked by Dithyrambes, that he said may have helped him in not trying the QP!r is written by a reviewer that gave the QP1r the best of 2015 award. I don't think further investigation into that reviewers thoughts would have helped him come up with a reason not to buy. Nothing is for everyone and he's allowed to prefer something else and for whatever reasons.[​IMG] Having sensitive ears and owning a very efficient low impedance earphone with a noted high frequency bump isn't going to help matters. 12 ohms at 115db and spc litz. I own JH13FPs with a twag V3 and have no issues.
    The FW I sent Dithyrambes was 1.05. After going through them all again, it's my personal go to. I've said previously that the FW upgrades aren't as much about sound as features. That said, every device I've owned has changed sonically with FW revisions starting with my Sansa View and continuing through my clip(+), fuze(2), AK100 mk2, AK120, 3 HiSounds, Ibasso DX90 etc. The QP1r FWs actually have less character change than I got from the FWs for these others but that doesn't mean there still isn't a bit. This is ghost in the machine stuff without rhyme or reason as codecs and specs will not change. I like 1.05 but you lose the DAC (which I'll never need) and the larger type face. Others may prefer the minor change of another FW but I'm happy with this one. My friend, whose ears I respect, is perfectly happy with 1.07 on his Grado PS-500s or Shure se530s.
    As I've said previously and kino lau has also suggested, a device that doesn't follow a norm should be compared to a working known to make certain that it's representative. This one may or may not be but it wouldn't shock me to find it's OK. Not every interface is going to ring every individual's bell. 
  4. moedawg140 Contributor
    Please feel free to link to a firmware version that hasn't been posted already via a file repository service such as Google Drive or Dropbox so everyone who reads and searches can use it. [​IMG]
  5. Dithyrambes
    Hm I can go to another store and try it, but I'm pretty sure everything is working fine. Everyone said QP1R had hiss. People saying QP1R had no hiss with Zeus-R while others say the hiss was so bad with the Zeus-R....they couldn't use it with the QP1R even if they loved it. Zeus-R is about as sensitive. So YMMV....I don't think the player is broken. What does buying it second hand have anything to do with something not working?Whether or not the amp has a problem would have been problem day one. I tried it with he1000, no hiss, he560, even some LG quadbeat iems...no hiss... I for one....cannot even get to 10 yet alone 23-27. I would be pretty much deaf by then, but I can imagine if you listen that high even on low gain.....you can't hear any hiss because the music is so loud. vinyl hiss and lead in is very loud for me, hence I don't listen to vinyl. I'm in my 20's and I never listened to anything loud and I can take a test for hearing on the internet and can 100 percent hear up to/over 20k.
    YMMV. I do appreciate the QP1R for certain things, but its just not my cup of tea. Nothing sounds wrong....like stuff is distorting. I'm sure if I took my QP1R and we switched in a blind test....probably won't hear a difference, unless there is QC problems...which I don't detect. We just hear differently and it is not nice to say someone hears something wrong. Not everyone has to like a product....like the Chord mojo.....and say it beats dacs like 1000x its price. That's for another thread, but I don't want to start a fight over chord fanboys who will say my hearing is wrong. I think this thread is more civil.
    Every source I used with the Andros has hissed.....so I'm thinking of getting an Iematch. Maybe the andros are the problem :frowning2:

    Thx for the help goodvibes! Just unfortunate I couldnt be a ray of sunlight in this thread. :)
    goodvibes likes this.
  6. DecentLevi
    Yup, this definitely seems perhaps even the most civil HF thread I've been on. After bluntly expressing my take on the sound of the QP1R on the last page, especially unfair comparisons with mid-fi home rigs, I was waiting for someone to 'unleash the fury', but at least on this thread (though can't say much about others), people here seem to realise that each has their own sonic preferences, none of which are inherently "wrong".
    Perhaps I'll try firmware 'rolling' if anyone can confirm the difference between versions. If anything could be changed, I'd like a bit more clarity, soundstage and lifelike sound, but I don't think this can be achieved that way.
  7. goodvibes
    Questyle owners are a reasonable and civil lot.[​IMG]
  8. buke9
    I think it sounded better than Teac and LC but it took getting a Yggdrasil to sound better to me so maybe it is a crap dac : ) We all hear things differently that makes all the audio companies very happy.
  9. BartSimpson1976
    That's a good one! 
  10. omastic
    Hiss sensitivity differs from one individual to another. Some are extremely bothered and annoyed by it, while others remain completely hiss oblivious. Also there are a myriad of factors like listening volume, number of quiet passages in the tracks listened, inherent hiss constituent of the track, sensitivity and brightness (sonically speaking) of the transducers used , etc. So it's not really surprising to see the varying opinions about the QP1R's hiss level.
    The important thing to know is that the QP1R isn't dead silent. It has less hiss than the Cayin i5 and iBasso DX80, but not the pitch dark background of the DX90 or the Mojo. If one is known to be super sensitive to hiss, it's more than likely that the QP1R will offend when used with hiss prone earphones.
  11. auricgoldfinger
    I don't think you'll find any significant sonic differences among the different versions of firmware.  Certainly not to the degree you seem to desire.
  12. MrButchi
    I second that. I get very limited but slight hiss with my H8.2s for instance.
    I thought I was listening at low volumes (9 in Low in calm places, 13-15 in public transportation), but Dithyrambes has outdone me!
  13. lookingforIEMs
    I don't have andros and I don't particularly care for hiss especially since most of my current music isn't affected by hiss.

    However, I have listened to the andros before and I did notice an obvious hiss ( when no music was playing, and gain having minimal to no effect on it ) and it was in a shop in a crowded mall.

    I do not think, given your description of hiss on the andros but not on headphones, that your unit has a problem. Yes there can be conflicting reports on hiss but then again as omastic said, we all have different sensitivities to hiss.

    Getting the iematch would be a great solution as there are plenty of sensitive iems out there and you shouldn't have to avoid them cause of the dap you have. Dithyrambes
  14. auricgoldfinger
    I am mildly sensitive to hiss.  I never heard any hiss with my SE846 (others have) but found it was prominent with Zeus-R.  I am now using Noble K10 CIEMs and have not heard any hiss.  They pair wonderfully with the QP1R.  You might look for a black Thursday sale in the next few weeks.  I bought mine for 20% off and consider them to be a steal at that price point.
  15. 514077

    I haven't read the above posts on this page yet.  But, I don't think you can test DSD with the Mimby, which I assume is a Schiit DAC.  The  Loki is the only DSD DAC.  But your tests are interesting.  And yes, I like to think we're civilized here.  And, I don't think any of us are saying you hear wrong, @ditheramps.  On the other hand, I envy your hearing, and hope you can find something more satisfying.
    I do like the sound of my QP, and one day, I might be able to save up for a Questyle desktop setup.  Anyway, good night.
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