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[REVIEW] Presenting the Chord&Major Tonal Earphone Collection

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  1. kalbee

    Regardless of market agreement due to different tuning, I think it's more important for the market to agree with the way they sound.
    I've not heard those before; I can't speak for them. But there's many reasons why it could have failed, regardless of having different tuning versions or not.
    The C&M could suffer similar fate, but rather than different tuning it would be due to the lack of name recognition for most people! (which is why their nice design does help in catching attention)
    Had they just called their models M7, M8, and M9, half of the "different turning IEMs just doesn't work" talk wouldn't have happened now would it [​IMG]
    This problem is only in the head!
  2. shigzeo Contributor
    Well, Chord&Major are hard at work. I hear there is a new model coming out and that it will look fab. Not sure when we'll see it but I'm pretty stoked. 
    (I'm also stewed. A case of umeshu came in and is half gone.)
    Whatever, though, I'm enjoying Simon & Garfunkel. Classical or Rock it is for me. 
  3. hippo2012
    never heard of this brand before, but i think they spend too much on the packaging, i'd rather use the same amount to get a pair with less decoration, but better sound.
  4. kalbee
    Depends by what you mean by better sound :wink:
    I'll have to once again remind you that I am using pretty harsh evaluation standards on this review, comparing them to $1k+ flagships (including CIEMs) or other universals from various price ranges, not limited to only 2x the price of these but many times more.
    In similar price range there is ONE I preferred over the Major9 but if you like having a bit more bass presence when called for, these definitely do it better.
    They're definitely not Hi-Fi in the sense of our own forum's Summit-Fi gears (as is hyperlinked in the word "Hi-Fi" in the review), which even many of those have little quirks that aught not to exist at the crazy prices being asked for.
    They spent good effort on both sound AND overall packaging/design. Nothing wrong with that.
  5. Rakan
    Got my hand on the Classical. The accessories made me think that this IEM is much much more expensive than its prices, the design is extremely attractive as well. Regarding how it sounds, out of the box, the sound is very impressive but just a little more bass than my taste. I have been listening to the FitEar Parterre extensively and i didn't think i would give any compliment on any IEM at this price range but this one really changed my mind. I think more people should try this IEM and don't just judge its sound by looking at the packaging. Now starts the burning in process :)
  6. kalbee
    Extremely late reply on my end but thanks for chiming in :D
    Yeah, these are quite impressive for the price range although the race for new budget (i.e. model that will be popular with common folks) is pressing tighter and tighter. These do have a bit more bass though... it does make them more potent for portable use, however.
    I lent mines out to friends and I might not see all of em back...
    Though having others try it, I want to see what kind of fit issues others may have. At the moment I know that the J shaped part of the IEM body bothers some people.
  7. kalbee

    Look like that 6'13 Ballad is out! (or very soon to be)
  8. Adu
    The 8'13 Rocks on many types of music! I'm very impressed by the sound and build quality.
  9. flognarde
    Even though I am the perfect target for the "classical" 9'13 variant as I only listen to classical music... Even though I do believe there is no such thing as cans that sound great with every genres... I know they got great review from the very serious french magazine "DIAPASON" but...
    It may sound ridiculous but I just cannot wear IEM's which look like a fake antique pedestal table ! 
    They could cost half the price and sound like $100.000 wilson's speakers, It is just beyond my control, as the Viconte de Valmont says...
  10. Rostyslav
    kalbee - thank you for detailed review. Thes earphone are interesting me, however, I can make a decision which of one will the best for me Major 7'13 JAZZ or Major 9'13 CLASSICAL. 
    Could you help me, please, and tell me which of them will best for music like this?

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