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REVIEW: Ostry KC06

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  1. waynes world
    Steal of a deal! But yeah, try trading for the A to get something different (and really great - use mine quite often).
  2. Francisk
    I'm just wishing they'll produce the KC06 with the iOS and Android phone mic support.
  3. waynes world
    Good find! Being a Ostry fan, and now since becoming an earbud fan (VE Zen), I am really interested in the KC08.
  4. ebrian
    Spotted in the wild?  Where can I buy them!
  5. KERBY
    what eartips to use with these. Wide bore or the small bore.
  6. ebrian
    These out in the wild pictures were posted in September.  Has anyone managed to get a pair to test out (KC07/08)?
  7. Zelda
    seems they were never released. even their site is down
  8. ebrian
    I wonder if now would be a good time to try a KC06A.  I recently just got back on my KC06.  I had stopped beacuse I was getting rashes in my ears, but I've realized that I think it was the tips I bought from Lunashop.. maybe the plastic coating was wearing off or something.  
    Anyway, I am re-loving them again after the last 6 months using my trusty Tenores.  KC06 are so great.. and they really shiny in a quiet room indoors.  But I am missing that beautiful bass provided by the Tenore. KC06A closes the gap in that department, right?
  9. slowpickr
    Anytime is a good time for the KC06A.  Never tried the regular KC06.  The "A" version is at the top of my list though.
  10. Koolpep

    Yes. The KC06a is the way to go for more bass. Had them both a and non-a and preferred the KC06a and still have them.

  11. waynes world
    +1. I have both, but only listen to the ks06a's. The kc06's are great, but the kc06a's rock. Go for it @ebrian 
  12. 1TrickPony
    I still keep mine even though I have the titans and a dunu dn2k...the KC06A ain't bad, ain't bad at all!!!
  13. Gracesheng
    you did a wonderful job 
  14. peareye
    I see the website is not working....does this mean that's all folks for Ostry?
    I have enjoyed the KC06 for over a year and was all curious about the 7 or 8
    as sneak peaked!
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