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Review on HtC 10 and Sound quality (AQstic Dedicated Integrated DAC)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by whitigir, May 8, 2016.
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  1. emad
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  2. reihead
  3. bhazard
    Use USB Audio Player Pro and "play through android" mode. It bypasses the bass and treble enhancement that the stock HTC 10 adds in every program like Google Play, Poweramp, etc.
  4. B0WIE
    I've seen measurements on the 10 and, based on those,  it's pretty flat.  I don't think bypassing what they've done will necessarily be a good thing as that might be in place to get that flat freq response.   As long as you have Dolby and boomsound off you're good to go. 
  5. Gee Simpson
    After saying in here that I was going for the HTC 10, I ended up going for the S7 Edge because when I went to the store to check both phones out, I just straight up preferred the S7E. I know the audio performance in the S7E isn't as good as the HTC but I can always buy a USB DAC/Amp to solve that, I just think the S7E is the better phone all round.
  6. JaeYoon
    Hey I found out what type of Audio Equipment HTC 10 has! It's the qualcomm Aqstic.
    Qualcomm is amazing pulling it off.  It has dual oscillators and natively samples without any conversion 44 and 48 khz
    Impressive THD -105 db and Signal to noise ratio 115 db!
  7. Madcat207
    Thanks for posting the link; very interesting to see Qualcomm just now talking about the audio features it ships its flagship with (i would have expected them to hype it up something fierce).
    That said, i am curious why the HTC 10 then is considered above others, when any 820 phone should be similar (not bashing the 10... more questioning the other phone makers). Perhaps it requires additional software tweaks to really make the use of it, and HTC is one maker that took the time ti implement it?
  8. Whitigir

    The one things you don't get:

    1/ Qualcoomm has built-in intergrated DAC routing. It means if you use SnapDragon, and follow the manufacturer blueprint, you will have to use SnapDragon codec, and it "had always been" That bad quality for X generations

    2/ you can still engineer your phone to use Snapdragon without this required Qualcomm DAC built in....however, you will need to by-pass and engineer your own routes....which will requires extra engineering, and catering toward it. However, you will then have to deal with Buggs on 3rd party apps from Android OS. So far, the V10 is keeping up really well. Remember, the first time V10 came out, there were all kind of bugs with it audio performances.

    Voila! Finally, Now, Qualcomm really designed their own "audiophile grade" DAC/Amp which can replace there standard one, and no need for extra-engineering :D....together with beautiful support and native for AndroidOs, what do you get ? A real phone processing power, smooth applications and processing on apps, and Os, great Audio quality :D. Now, for this said, I wouldn't be surprised if HTC10 can also be an excellent Transport as well.

    All of the said above a will contribute into one thing. Smartphones are getting better, especially into the compatibility from hardware+software and so on.....Maybe, one day, all you need will be a good Amp to amplify and preserve the best analog signals you could for full size headphones. It will be easy for IeMS, and I see no reason why the 10 can not satisfy those who use high quality IEMS.....unless you are seeking for Balanced connection :D
  9. B0WIE
    I don't believe all 820s are using the aquistic or perhaps the mentioned DAC that works with it for the features mentioned in the article. Four instance, the S7 uses an 820 and the audio is notoriously bad.  G5 uses the 820 and the audio doesn't spec anywhere near as good as the 10.
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  10. Whitigir

    Read what I posted above. This new Aquistic DAC is an "option" for smartphones companies who would want to release high audio quality smartphones. Of course it sounds just bad if the company chose to go with the regular snapdragon DAC instead
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  11. y2jdmbfan
    Stupid question here, but if I am running the USB output of any smartphone, HTC 10, V10, etc. into say the AMP for the Shure KSE1500, Does anything matter regarding the quality of the DAC in the smartphone? 
  12. HiFlight

    When using the USB output to an outboard DAC, the phone is simply acting as a transport, bypassing its own DAC and amp circuits.
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  13. y2jdmbfan
    So my ideal pairing for the KSE 1500 is either a super slim Android powered PMP or any cell phone with a microSD slot it seems. 
  14. Whitigir

    Beware though, not every portable source would sound the same in transport mode. You may want to look into desktop preamplifier to see the differences, to keep it short, the signals you are feeding your external amplifier or DAC is not exactly digital as in 1-0-0-1....the fact that preamplifier do use power supply to beef up the digital signals means something.....and you just can not find it in any smartphones or portable player as of yet....beside some Sony Walkman
  15. nort ycagel
    I have a question. It seems like the internal audio of this phone is very good. I have a dragonfly black (1.5) that I could pretty much use with every phone I buy. What would sound better, an htc10 or a dragonfly black?
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