Review of Slappa HardBody headphone cases (full size, folding size, earbud size) w/lots of pics!!!
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Oct 6, 2013
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Oct 6, 2013
I have a lot of headphones in my collection which I've reviewed in various android communities (fyi:, and with an exception of V-Moda (M-80 and M-100 cases don't need any special introduction), I never been happy with any OEM cases.  I know they all trying to stand out from a crowd, but in my opinion a lot of them are just not practical.  So I just accepted it as is, until I got ATH-M50 which as you all know comes with just a draw string pouch.  That triggered my search for after-market headphone cases, and discovery of Slappa products.  I have seen some cheap stuff on ebay and amazon, but when I actually visited their official webpage (, I realized their prices are actually a fraction of how much it costs on Amazon.  Yes, I know its bizarre and typically works all the way around, so keep it in mind if you are planning to get these: directly from Slappa website it will cost you a lot less.
For my review I decided to get all 3 types of their HardBody cases, for Full Size headphones, Folding headphones, and In-ear headphones to test with my ATH-M50, B&W P7, "Beats", UE900, W40, and also E18 and Sansa clip.

Starting with HardBody Pro Full Size case ($20.99,, it's duro-shock xEVA molded case is designed for a full size headphone fitment, and according to Slappa is actually water resistant and fire retardant.  Obviously, you don't want to throw it in a water or a fire, but it's nice to know that it can withstand water splash and can stand a heat.  It has two molded alloy zipper pullers, and zipper itself is externally hidden once a case zipped up.  There is also an exterior tab to hook up carabiner if you want to.  Exterior has dimpled finished, and stamped "slappa" symbol.  Inside, it has a very soft black velveteen lining, definitely no worries about scratching your headphones.  I also noticed the design has a nicely rounded/wrapped inner case edge to protect cables from getting pinched or anything rubbing against a zipper.






Here is how it looks with "Beats", B&W P7, and ATH-M50.  With a later two, I used E18 in various positions.  There is plenty of room for your DAP or portable AMP.  Of course, you would want to keep your DAP/AMP inside of its own OEM sleeve/case, but for the sake of pictures I left E18 without one.  What's great about full size case fitment, you don't need to remove audio cable and can possibly leave your headband extended per your adjusted fitment without a need to collapse it.








Next is the HardBody Pro Folding-headphone case ($14.69,  It also features molded duro-shock xEVA shell, but actually comes with a smooth rubberized PVC exterior finish and a soft synthetic lining.  This case is also available in dimpled finish exterior.  It has only one zipper puller, but comes with a removable cary strap.  The edges are also wrapped and raised above a zipper so nothing will rub or get pinched inside.





Once folded, ATH-M50 had a perfect fitment!!!  I also tried it with my MDR7506 (not pictured), and was able to fit B&W P7 without a problem.  "Beats" didn't fit because of a less flexible headband.  Including Sansa+ clip mp3 player was not an issue either.  In addition to like-a-glove fitment, I had no problem closing and zipping up the case, and didn't have to apply any force to close it.  Obviously, this case will have a come compact fitment in comparison to full size.




Last, but not least, is HardBody Earbud case ($9.09,  Featuring the same molded xEVA shell, this little guy has a sort of inter-weaved synthetic finish reminding me of carbon fiber texture, and a single pulley alloy zipper with Slappa symbol (the same design used in all of their cases).  Inside, you will find a soft black velveteen lining, with a special soft red lining around the edges to protect headphones from coming in contact with a zipper.  Furthermore, there is a generous mesh pocket to store the cables so they don't get tangled up with earbuds.




It worked great for both UE900 and W40 and mesh pocket was large enough to house the cables with 3.5mm connector, even considering UE900 had a cable with in-line remote.  I liked the look with W40 especially since I'm using custom color black and red (for Right earpiece) plates so it matched the color scheme.


Overall, I was VERY impressed with a design and a build quality of these cases. Also, as long as you shop directly from their website, price is very reasonable.  It's funny how I have in here almost grand and a half worth of headphones, but the picture is not complete without $9, $15, and $20 cases :wink:  Definitely gets my High Recommendation!!! 
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