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Review: NwAvGuy's O2 DIY Amplifier

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by shike, Aug 25, 2011.
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  1. mikeaj
    I would advise against a 24VAC (from 120V input nominal) adapter, since on a 100V line that's nominally 20VAC with probably a little more on a low load considering the high wattage rating.  That's just unnecessarily high and will produce more excess heat in the regulators.
    Any kind of 16-18VAC (from 120V input nominal) is preferred I would say.  The Xicon above or even the WAU16-400 Triad should be okay:
  2. sonitus mirus
    Thanks for the correction about the 24VAC adapter.  I removed this from my previous reply.
  3. mikeaj
    Well actually on second thought I checked the docs and he says up to 22VAC unloaded is okay, so maybe that was a little bit of an overreaction.  It's possible that 20VAC nominal could be over 22VAC unloaded though, and regardless that still is a bit unnecessarily high.  Personally in the US I use the WAU12-200 which is just 12VAC nominal (close to 13.5VAC unloaded), but I don't have any particularly insensitive low-impedance headphones that would require higher power draw.
  4. darren700
    i was wondering where this thread disappeared too... guess it was getting to much attention for the amp forum.
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  5. gkanai Contributor
    Thanks for the guidance on the power adapters for Japan.

    One further question: I'm going to pick up the rechargeable NiMH 9V batteries for using the O2 on the road. Do I need to get the chargers for those batteries separately? (I'm assuming that the O2 doesn't charge the batteries via USB or via the power adapter?)
  6. pekingduck
    The O2 DOES charge the batteries so you don't need a separate one [​IMG]

  7. gkanai Contributor


    Awesome! Thanks for the info.
  8. Negakinu
    Why is this in the sound science forum? C'mon people, even without the whole Voldemort drama, this is just an amp review thread! Let it rest already and accept the O2 as part of the Head-Fi community. Make amps, not war and whatnot. 
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  9. darren700

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  10. zzffnn
    My gut feeling is that this thread was moved to Sound Science forum to minimize its "fame". This thread was/is clearly active enough to be listed as Most Active Thread on Headfi's home page, but it has never been there.
    To be fair though, there has been quite a lot of technical talk here in this thread, which is hard to understand for anyone without some good Electronic Engineering training. In that sense, this thread is not purely a review thread. Although it is weird to see it in Sound Science as well.
    The designer of this amp might be a bit too aggressive in his comment towards some Headfi sponsors, even thought some of his comment seems to be blatantly honest or based on data. Headfi moderators do not like him, which is understandable. Let us face it, if each and every Headfi sponsor is "attacked" and retracts sponsorship, we will not have such a thriving online community that we have today.
    We need those sponsors. Just let newbies or people who doe not care about measurement support those "technically inferior" gear. Sometimes "technically inferior" gears may sound good actually.



  11. mikeaj
    I think there have been quite a few newbies who have gotten the amp from JDSLabs, Epiphany, or through DIY (by themselves or by somebody else).
    Maybe the upcoming ODA (desktop version) will be even more popular, since it will have a few more conveniences like better jacks placements and more options there, and I think more gain options.  Some people were a bit confused by the gain / clipping amounts for the O2, though it's really not that complicated if you can find the information.  It should still be relatively small and transportable, though not usable on batteries.
  12. zzffnn
    I really want more people to hear this lovely O2 amp. It plays very well with LCD2s, Dt880/600, and my IEMs (Westone ES3Xs). Transportable size and full size performance. It is hard to beat at $150.
    Edit to correct grammar errors.
  13. upstateguy
    post removed by request
  14. mikeaj
    Nevermind, original post wasn't so relevant in hindsight.
  15. zzffnn
    Let us get back to the REVIEW of O2 amp.
    I was just saying that this O2 amp review thread fits better in the Amp forum..........
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