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REVIEW: Nintaus X10

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zelda, Feb 21, 2017.
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  1. hqssui
    I recently picked up one of these. Even though, the seller told me that it's X10(not X10_S) version of the player, I guess I got the X10_S version. The track skipping buttons work when the device is locked, and the wheel can be used to adjust the volume. It also comes with a custom Eq setting like Crazier R3.


    Sad part is there was no Silicon case or earphone in the box. I really wanted that case. I also find the buttons and wheel to be slightly creaky.
  2. Barnold Schwarzenficker
    Try asking the seller for the case.
    If you used PayPal and the page on eBay or AliExpress listed that case on the product page, you can always try and start a dispute.
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  3. hqssui
    Thanks. I have sent an email to the seller and is waiting for a reply. Case and earphone are listed on the product page.
  4. jpgreenwood
    I'm now ready to through my X10 in the bin. What a P.O.S. From day 1 it would never load albums into logical files. It split albums, failed to play some and lately, after loading approx 40 albums onto a 32Gb card (and tried another just in case it was the card at fault), only 7 albums show, and the rest are just labelled as *********. The pause function no longer works, the playlist function no longer works, and I have to turn the unit off every time I want to pause a track. It does not show the correct artist image with albums, the list goes on. I will never buy an unknown electronics device again.
  5. Barnold Schwarzenficker
    Sigh. You're new at this aren't you ?

    First and foremost: don't ever expect a DAP that for 60 dollar can do a wide range of file formats to read your file info correctly.
    What you do is, you keep your mp3's, FLAC's or whatever it is you use in a folder system. Artist, Album, Song is what I use but you can arrange it however you want.
    Than you use the folder view to navigate, not the music. That always results in issues.

    As to the album art, the Nintaus does have a slight delay when displaying album art. There's a certain size that can possibly be displayed.
    I can only speak for mp3's, other file formats I have no idea.

    As to your other issues. It's the first time I've heard someone list them
  6. Brighthead
    I've same trouble with you, do you have original firmware ? Can you upload the firmware
  7. hqssui
  8. Blazer39
    is this DAP still worth it?
    i had fiio x3ii before and sold it, although i miss its sound right now and this players seems to be almost the same with good treble extension, meaty bass and full overall sound.
    do you guys still recommend it? also did anyone used it via aux in car?
  9. hieple193
    Could you compare this dap to benjie t6 (agptek rocker) or some dap else at same price?
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2018
  10. Barnold Schwarzenficker
    You cannot pause or skip without pressing any button first to wake the screen.
    If you're looking for a DAP in the same pricerange that has that functionality, you should try and find the Fiio M3.

    Although it's no longer available on AliExpress .. other china webstores might still offer it although it will be more expensive than the the price of 44 EUR which was the standard price for a long time on the official Fiio AliExpress webshop.

    I don't own the Benjie t6. Can't tell.
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