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[REVIEW] MEElectronics M-DUO: The Treasured IEMs Under $100

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  1. Niyologist
    Hello everyone. I have started this thread because you guys should see various Impressions/Reviews of the MEElec M-DUO.


    driver dual dynamic drivers
    frequency response 10 Hz to 20 kHz
    impedance 16 Ohms at 1K
    sensitivity 101 dB
    noise isolation up to 27 dB
    cable length 135 cm / 53 in

    What's in the Box

    1. M-Duo Dual Dynamic Driver in-ear earphone with inline mic and remote
    2. 6 sets of ear tips
    3. Zipper carrying case
    4. Shirt Clip
    5. User manual

    Uncompromised Build Quality

    Built to last, the M-Duo features all-metal housings, inline mic and remote, and cable splitter. A reinforced 3.5mm plug and Kevlar®-reinforced rubber cable provide exceptional durability and low cable noise (microphonics).

    MEElec M-DUO Product Page: http://www.meelec.com/MEElectronics_M_Duo_Dual_Driver_In_Ear_Headset_p/ep-dd53p-bk-mee.htm

    MSRP: $79.99

    Pre-Order Special: 20% OFF ($61.04) (Coupon: MDUOPRE) Until 6/3/13

    Setup: Cowon J3 + Fiio E11 (Gain Low + Bass Booster Low) w/Sony Hybrid Eartips (Medium).

    Comfort: 4.0 (Stock Tips)(New Bi-Flange), 3.8 (Comply T-400)(Medium), 4.8 (Sony Hybrid)(Medium)

    Isolation 3.5 (Stock Tips)(New Bi-Flange), 4.5 (Comply T-400)(Medium), 4.0 (Sony Hybrid)(Medium)

    Accessories: (3.5/5) 6 sets of eartips (Single Flange Small, Medium, Large) (New Bi-Flange, Short Triple Flange and Tall Triple Flange), Manual, Shirt Clip and a Revamped MEElec Clam Case.

    Early impressions (30 minutes Burn-In): The M-DUO definitely has the deep bass of the MEElec M6, but it's sooooo much clearer. It's like listening to a 2.1 and the clarity is around the same level as the GR06, with the help of the EQ/Fiio E11. With burn-in, I'm very sure it'll easily surpass the Clarity level of the VSonic GR06. Wow, but the bass detail is great. It really doesn't mess with the mid-range that much. Still the mid-range is slightly recessed. The dynamics is leaning towards slightly above average ATM. The treble is there but not edgy at all, it's more like shimmering (On the High Quality tracks).

    Also, I should mention that the M-DUO has no driver flex AT ALL.

    2nd Impression (5 Hours Burn-In): Listening to "Tangiers" by Phaseone (FLAC). Excellent timbre. Great Instrument Separation. The Soundstage is above average (near the size of the FXT-90), although with slightly shallower depth, but in-trade of slightly more width. In other words, nice 3D Soundstage. The detail retrieval is certainly better than the A151 (The M-DUO sounds more Armature-like than the A151), but outpaces the FXT-90 barely on high quality sound tracks (MP3 320 kbps/FLAC/ALAC). The bass has definitely calmed down, the midrange is coming forward, which gives more of U-Shaped Sound Signature. The tone is more accurate than the FXT-90, which is very impressive for a Sub $100 IEM. Also, the bass is still deep, but very textured. It also attacks faster than the FXT-90, which makes me wonder, I think I found my lead IEM. BTW, the treble has tons of sparkle and nice detail, but the vocals sound more impressive with females than males (which proves that the Sound Sig is more U-Shaped than V-Shaped). 

    3rd Impression (7 Hours Burn-In): Listening to "The Limit" by Fonik (Genre: Dubstep) (MP3 320 kbps/48KHz). The bass is getting deeper and more refined. The Depth of the Soundstage is deeper as well, but only slightly.

    4th Impression (15 Hours Burn-In): Listening to Mystify by Saving Abel (Genre: Rock) (WAV). The Bass Drum kick sounds natural. The Guitars are also natural. The strumming on the Guitar can actually be heard. The vocals are a bit distant, but very clean and the breathing can be heard, but as I said, the vocals are a bit distant. Overall, the presentation is pretty lively. I'm very impressed.

    5th Impression (24 Hours Burn-In): Listening to Self Vs Self Feat. In Flames by Pendulum (Genre: Drums and Bass/Metal) (FLAC). The Guitars have a "Crunching Element" (2 KHz-3.5KHz). The voice of In Flames is distant, but the rest of the vocals on left and right are more forward. The sibilance (4KHz-10KHz) is there, but over time it calmed down a bit unless if you listen to the song above 65% (which you shouldn't because that's dangerous to your hearing). The Drums and the Bass kick are very clear and sound pretty natural.

    6th Impression (30 Hours Burn-In): Never noticed how dark my FXT90 was until now. The M-DUO's enhanced bass is not really reverberating any more. It's very controlled and doesn't intrude the lower midrange as much anymore. Although there is still sibilance whenever the cymbals kick in or the vocals are high pitched. The treble has a rapid spike between the 7KHz-10KHz which explains the sibilance (based on OBS and tinyman392's FR Chart):

    7th Impression (34 Hours Burn-In): OMG! After including my newly purchased Yongsheng Interconnector Cable, the soundstage is FAR more dynamic and slightly more open. I'm being immersed in the music of Led Zeppelin. BTW, the detail is certainly better and the sibilance is becoming more tamed, but it's still there. Only slightly unbearable. *o*
    8th Impression (38 Hours Burn-In): Listening to Care Free by Trammell Starks (*sigh*, good ol' Weather Channel Music) (MP3 192 kbps) (Genre: Modern Jazz). The Soundstage is becoming more 3-Dimensional and I can actually pick out the instruments in the recording quite well (mainly location of the instruments). As for the detail of the instruments, the M-DUO seems to do well with Pop music, Drums and Bass, Dubstep, Trance (especially this genre), House, Rock, metal, heavy metal, Alternative, Jazz and Classical. So overall, the M-DUO does very well with most genres, as long as they are decently recorded and rendered. BTW, I'm listening to Rousseau Meditation from Thais (MP3 320 kbps) (Genre: Classical) and I hear the Piccolo player taking a breath every time he/she needs to breath and every other subtle nuance. Crazy. O_O
    9th Impression (42 Hours Burn-In): I've noticed that due to the slightly recessed mids, the depth of the soundstage is even deeper than the "concert-like" soundstage of the FXT90. The detail is on par with the FXT90, but when it comes to energy of the entire presentation, the M-DUO sounds slightly thinner and colder than the FXT90, which probably explains the slightly sibilant treble. Even the mid bass isn't as strong on the M-DUO as it is on the FXT90. That also explains why the bass presence is cleaner and slightly more detailed. Although I must say, when it comes to frequency separation and dynamics, the M-DUO wins out in-comparison to my GR06, A151 and Brainwavz M5.
    900x900px-LL-17f690c2_meelectronicsm-duo.png .

    Thanks tinyman392 for the FR Chart. [​IMG]

    tinyman392 has also mentioned the sibilance problem a few days ago:


    Impressions from esteebin:

    Quote: Quote:

    Impressions from jww187:


    I'll have a Full Review SOON.
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  2. drm870
    Have been keeping a close eye on this model for awhile, and am glad to hear that it sounds good! Subscribed.
  3. Niyologist
    I'll more impressions by 8PM/EST.
  4. drm870
    No hurry, take your time. [​IMG]
  5. Niyologist
    The M-DUO is more compatible with Foams. I can hear more subtle nuances (detail) with the Comply T-400. Also, the T-400 fits like a glove. :)
  6. bhima
    Need more impressions of this against other IEMs. They look like quite a good deal at 20% off though. It also helps that they look pretty damn cool too.
  7. Niyologist
    The M-DUO has the same amount of clarity as the FXT90. The detail is nearly there as well, but sometimes the treble makes it sound a "tad" analytical when there is low to moderate bass presence, but otherwise pretty semi-smooth/semi-aggressive sound signature and the bass kick is slightly more emphasized on the M-DUO than the FXT90. It's AWESOME! It really does remind me of the JVC FXT90.
  8. roy_jones
    I absolutely the love the real-time accounting of burn-in over the course of less than 2 hours.  [​IMG]
    Any way we could get a burn-in analysis in half-hour increments, just to get a sense for the changes happening in that time frame?
  9. Niyologist
    That's gonna be tough now. I'm already over 12 Hours of Burn-In. Although I gotta say, other than the slightly hollow lower midrange and seriously Enhanced Bass, these are quite a bargain for $80.
  10. roy_jones
    I wish you had the TDK IE800 to do a shoot-out.  Very curious how these two compare...
  11. Niyologist
    Well, from what I read from the TDK IE800, it has a boosted midrange. Something that the M-DUO doesn't quite have. The Midrange of the M-DUO isn't forward or recessed in general, it's leaning more towards neutral as the hours pass.
  12. tinyman392
    Boxing is similar, almost exact, to the A161's box.  Except in a pastel blue color.  Includes the same case that comes with the A161, I quite like that case actually.  New ear tips that are translucent are included.  2 triple flange (M/L), 3 single flange (S/M/L), and a new dual flange (M) are all included as well.  Remote and mic is a little lower on these than they were with the A161 (which had perfect positioning IMO). 
    Sound impressions will come later.  Right now, the bass is a little out of control.  The rest does sound good though.  For those that don't like the sharp sound, these may not be for you.  Treble reminds me of the Dunu Treble; measures that way too.  These measure like a V-shape, but don't sound as v-shaped as they look (but are v-shaped in nature). 
  13. Niyologist

    Hit the nail on the head. Aggressive Upper Midrange and Treble, but softer Lower Midrange and Enhanced Bass. Eventually, the FR starts looking like a mixture of the MTPC/A161/FXT90 put together (I checked the FR on InnerFidelity for those IEMs). With the detail closer to the FXT90.
  14. tinyman392
    I actually measured them...  :p 
  15. Niyologist
    Nice. How?
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