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REVIEW: hisoundaudio Wooduo 2

  1. big-man
    Wooduo2 Review
    (please note this is a slightly short review as these are not the final version of the earphone but a prototype so things may change, although the sound is likely to stay the same.)
    The wooduo2 is the first in a new line of wooden IEMs from Hisoundaudio. It is the middle tier model in the range and retails at $129. This earphone in Jacks own words is “aimed at the ‘new genres’ in music.” By that he means, in essence, bass heavy and boy does it pack a punch. Before we even start to get into the review let me say this, you will be hard done by to fine a better Bass centered IEM for a price below $300.
    A decent burn in isn’t needed to get a feel of  how good these earphones really are but a good 150 hour burn in wont go a miss, the Lower end is what benefits most; the bass feeling a whole lot smother and overall the instrument separation improves a lot.
    Right now what I Have is a sample, so I will not be commenting on the accessories or packaging, as it is unconfirmed what will be in the package.
    Specs and other notes
    Build Quality
    The Housing of the drivers in the wooduo2 is the same as in the POPO before it. The difference in build comes in the cable. Firstly the stain reliefs from the driver housing to the cables is much thicker and longer that it was before. The Cable is now flat but not so thick that it gets in your way. It is, in my opinion, as good a
    s any other earphone cable out there, in terms of build quality. It has a straight 3.5mm jack, and whilst I do prefer them slightly angled, it is not a big deal, and in all these are a pair of very well made earphones and are insanely comfortable too. I will add to this section when the packaging or any accessories come.
    Lets begin with this, the wooduo2 is an amazing improvement on the popo, while keeping the price down. As with most of hisoundaudio’s products the price to value ratio is insanely high, to the point that if they today decided to double their price you would still say they are decent for the price range. Its really quite remarkable and something to be appreciated.
    The most noticeable improvement and where the IEM truly shine is in the lower end of the spectrum. These are a basshead’s dream. Finally you can get the huge bass impact desired without it feeling warped in an way or it overpowering the rest of the sound. These are a real achievement in my eyes, as I personally have not heard anything come close to how well controlled the bass in the wooduo2 is.The mids really come out in the wooduo2. This has a lot to do with the unbelievably well balanced bass. The mids remind me a lot of the Golden crystals, hoisound’s current “flagship”. It sounds nicely spaced out which is hard to come by in a bass orientated earphone.
    The highs of the wooduo2 are also an area of great improvement over their older brother the POPOs. There is less sibilance and a lot less screech (not that is was terrible in the POPOs), which means that even after hugely extended periods of listening (I haven’t taken them off for about 5 hours, you should because its bad for your ears etc) it still gives a great pain free listening experience.
    On top of this there is the massive sound stage. I am actually amazed that it could be so big. Requiring no amplification whatsoever is also a big bonus, sound great straight out of all my sources, from an iphone 4 to a colourfly c4. All of this put together makes for one of the most enjoyable listening experience I have had in a long time.
    I honestly cannot emphasize how much I recommend these IEMS enough. Coming from a person who doesn’t actually like his music bass heavy I think I should explain why. If you like bass will you like the wooduo2? Yes for sure, it may even become your favourite IEM in a long time. If a bassy signature is not your thing will you like them? I’d still say yes. This is because never before I have heard something that gives so much of it without it messing up the rest of the sound. You may see why so many people enjoy the lower ends without having to give up quality elsewhere. Along with the beautiful wooden housing, the Wooduo2 is a sure winner and one to definitely give a thought when next getting a pair of IEMs, regardless of your budget.
    Special Mention
    I haven’t actually done this before but I have to give a shout out to Jack at hisound audio. He personally deals with any questions, queries or anything else you may have, and actually takes in to account what you have to say, to the point that advice is asked for and genuinely taken on board (I personally had a hand in their new slogan and naming some other upcoming stuff which gives an even more personal association to the company).  The aftermarket help you get is truly worth picking them over the competition.
     Also here in the UK they now have an assistant so even the language barrier isn’t an issue for English speaking clients.
    The hisound wooduo2 is for sale direct from hisound, either by ordering by ordering from jack (email - fuzhengyun@126.com) or from hisoundaudioUK store  - http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/hisoundaudiouk  (they do ship world wide and I have been told have a few deals going on.)
    Ratings (out of 10 compared to other IEMS in the price range):
    Bass – 10
    Mids – 9
    Highs – 9
    Comfort – 9
    Sensitivity – 9
    Balance – 9
    Clarity – 9
    Value – 10
    Overall – 9 
    As with all our reviews, prior to starting the review they are given a 50 hour burn in and are reviewed for another 50 hours before anything is said. The files used are 320kpbs mp3 files and FLAC, using a macbook pro, Iphone 4 ,Hisound Studio V  and colorfly C4 as the sources.
  2. big-man
    reserved for anything more to come
  3. big-man
  4. mosshorn
    Excellent review, remind me of the Popo but a little different? Also, you mentioned they were the middle tier, any news on the high?
  5. big-man
    the next to csome will be the lower teir (wooduo3) then after the higher teir. I know the price will be around $250 (or a little less) but aside from that I shouldn't say much haha
  6. Mister M
    Great review - I was toying with the idea of getting a pair of these but I think I'll hold on for the top of the range pair - any idea if they'll be dual-driver (DD)? I'm currently using a pair of Ultimate Ears Super-fi Pro-5 IEM's (which are DD) with my Studio-V and they're going to take some beating.
  7. hisound
    Thank you for your question, We still  have no DUAL DRIVER type earphone plan. For we pursuit the principle of audio products:" simple is the best"
    Jud as the Studio V you have also applied the principle----, simple is the best. We don't want to make the design to be too complexed, for example, one driver can do the dual driver's works, why it need two drivers?
    As the review mentioned that Wooduo 2 is a pair of UNIQUE IEMs, which has the superior bass, excellent mids and extraordinary  instruments seperation, still, Wooduo2 keeps high standard highs details. We think the single drivers has finished the 3 or more drivers works.
    We hope more audiophiles will have the chance to compare our products which applied the "simple is the best" principle with the rest complexed designed products. Then you will get your own conclusion.
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  8. miow
  9. Shonky Donky
    Hi does anyone know if the Velodyne vPulse IEM have as good bass as these because people say that the bass in the Velodyne's is superb. Thanks (I will be buying one of these two soon).
  10. harry501501
    Just returned these, what a let down they were. I was expecting this fantastic big controlled bass and they failed miserably.
    Bass was prominent as expected but it was too thick and bloated and the veil on the mids was horrible. i like a V shape IEM so wasn't expecting mids to be crystal clear with such a bassy set, but they were nasally and thin. bass also didn't go as low as I'd hoped.
  11. Bitsir
    That's what I felt in the beginning as well. I gave it around ~100 hours of burn in. Came back and I swear to god they didn't sound THIS good at first. I love them now. This is a fun headphone with a very smart signature. Warm, powerful sub-bass, untouched mid-bass, clear and textured mids (although a bit recessed as a product of the bombastic sub-bass), some extra treble energy and to top it all off; a soundstage that's intimate and also so wide that you won't believe it, considering these are not open-back.

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