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[REVIEW] HifiMan RE400 ‘Waterline’ – The New Reference

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  1. Stuff Jones
    ClieOS -
    How would you compare this to the TDK IE800?  I may be looking to replace the IE800 because the marginal build quality and isolation mean that I don't use it as much as I would something with better build quality and isolation. SQ wise I'm very pleased with the IE800. My one totally subjective complaint is that its a bit to airy for my taste - I don't hear the thickness of notes or analog-ness that make the instruments sound real to my ears. 
    Would the RE400s be a good substitute? 
  2. ClieOS Contributor
    I actually think IE800 is petty good in build quality myself - anyway, you won't find a lot more isolation on RE-400 as well ( compared to IE800 with after market eartips like Sony Hybrid). However, if you want a more upfront sound, then RE400 does fit the bill.
  3. Stuff Jones
    Thanks. The IE800s thin cables and lightweight plastic housings don't inspire my confidence, though luckily I never have had the chance to test that yet. Just based on the reviews, it looks like the RE400s are much more solidly built.
    I thought the main reason for the IE800s isolation problems was the venting?
  4. Hipgig
    Interesting read, thank you for the information :wink:
  5. kanonathena
    I wonder why Fang said Re400 is much better than all the phones he's made before. Is it the tonality?
    BTW, what makes a phone have good dynamics?
  6. Inks
    That's just marketing, one can argue the RE0/RE272 are on par if not better. The older versions are better for those that prefer a shallow insertion. 
  7. kanonathena
    I don't think Fang would say that just for the sake of marketing, that would damage the reputation of the company and himself.
  8. Inks
    Well he isn't going to say they're simply on par either, he's definitely going to boost any enthusiam and look past the old models, don't blame him for that, it's reality. 
  9. Pianist
    RE0 really lacks dynamics though. RE272 is very good indeed.
  10. Inks
    Dynamic range is ruled by the recording, unless there's  power issue which isn't happening with IEMs. Frequency range perhaps, it has no bass depth so impact from bass is lost, RE400 is a step up in this department but sacrifises some air and the easy of insertion. RE272 has the same bass issue, it's a bit more even in the treble than RE0 but not significantly better. 
  11. Deni5
    Boost enthusiasm? What person would wan't to work hard on something for 3 years only to put out something that would be clearly inferior to the older stuff? That doesn't make any sense at all. For all the new models they put out they worked on issues from the earlier models and imo also perfected with every new model. Surely they wouldn't take many step back - but believe they can achieve something even better than before (like working on the bass issue). To me they resemble perfectionists and don't just put out something just for the sake of it.
  12. Inks
    You're assuming too much, Westone supposedly worked on th W3 for more than double of that and it's disastrous. Just look at the end reult, it doesn't fix every issue of the old models, it just makes different compromises. It's not a step-back, but not a huge step forward as claimed. I need sometime to get definitive so far on the RE400, but IMO, it's a slight upgrade to the RE0 at best. 
    Here's how i break it down
    RE400 improves on the subbass of the RE0: Big plus in my book
    RE0 has slightly more air than RE400: Slightly plus for the RE0
    Channel matching seems better on RE0: Titanium drivers seem harder to control, plus for RE0
    1k peak is tamed on R400: Slightly plus for RE400
    Shallow insertion for RE0, deep for RE400: IMO, this is a plus for RE0, wider soundstage because of the shallow insertion. Deep insertion with the housing size is feasible for me easily, but will make it less accessible for the masses. 
  13. Deni5

    Assuming to much? Oh well. Maybe the reality is to boost enthusiasm like you said. Or maybe they want to end production of the old driver completely and only concentrate on the new driver as an economic measure. If you don't have the facts you must assume, you know.
    I haven't heard RE-0 but I have the RE-ZERO and RE-272 myself. I find RE-ZERO and RE-272 very good but I dislike their balance a little. I listen to music with them and can sense the "what if it had more of this or less of that"-feeling a lot more than when listening with RE-400. That in my book is a step forward.
  14. shotgunshane Contributor
    Opinions, opinions. Fang could have worked on the 400 for 10 years. "Our new model is inferior to the old", said no business person ever. I still think the 272 is his technically best iem so far. But big deal. I still prefer the re0 and 262 over them all for their unique and unabashed Hifiman tuning.
  15. kaixax555
    Hmmmm how does this compare with the BA200?
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