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[REVIEW] HifiMan RE272 – the Purist

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  1. proedros
    hifiman should bring back 272 , awesome neutral iem.
  2. HungryDaze
    Totally agree with you! Best dynamic IEM.
  3. proedros
    i also have re-262 , 262 may seem more 'balanced' soundwise , but 272 is the better iem , hands down

    i tried re-400 and found it very mediocre.
  4. proedros
    has anyone paired 272 with the new hifiman DAP HM-700 ?

  5. xaddictionx
    Really a fantastic IEM! Can't believe it's pumping out from only a 9mm dynamic. Astonished.
  6. proedros
    almost 3 years after i got them , these are still my favourite IEM

    clean,neutral,detailed, no bloated freqs whatsoever - this is like a top model - lean, mean , a true love machine [​IMG]
    hifiman, you owe to the audiophile world a new batch of this baby

  7. proedros
    3 years running and still madly in love with them - i just went ahead and bought re-600 , i tried it and i loved it ounds like a better,improved re-262

    hifiman is my favourite company sound-wise

    i hope they release a re-272 v2.0 soon
  8. proedros
    i am selling a new pair of RE-272

    this may be the last new pair on Earth [​IMG]
  9. psygeist
    Haha...dude. So, you got over RE 272 or still in love with it ? What's your current favorites ?
  10. proedros
    the gray cable is the one that is for use with balanced sources , right ?

    i think i can use my re272 balanced with my zx2 dap , as i think they have the same balanced termination/configuration with hifiman daps
    btw , if anyone here has this grey/balanced TRRS to TRRS cable for a re272 that he doesn't use and just sits idle with you - i want to buy it so please pm me
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