REVIEW: Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11
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  The tube output should add a bit of warmth and round out the edges, but it's still close enough to neutral that I wouldn't expect a night and day difference. If you don't like the tube output there is always the SS output and preamp out too.

Good to know; I wouldn't want to depart to much from neutral so it could be a good fit. Definitely appreciate the added SS flexibility as well.
Check my review regarding TD-11 with traditional studio monitors.  I don't think you'll be disappointed with the tube output feeding technically true sounding studio monitors.  The TD-11 will make your MP3 and 24bit/96 or 192 sound great.

That's what I like to hear! Sounds like this might be my next purchase. Eventually...
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  The USB DAC chip doesn't support native 88.2, but 88.2 files can play just fine, it will just be resampled by your software.

So if my USB to Coaxial converter supports 88.2 then TD-11 can support it via coaxial input?
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TD-11 front headphone plug, will it drive Hifiman HE-500 to full potential?  Until I can afford a dedicated tube amp, any $500 and below recommendations??  The TD-11 with the JK Ciunas USB converter is a match made in heaven for studio monitors.  Now it's headphone rig time!!!!!
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  I'm not sure - try it. I think the chip treats 88.2 and above as 96, and 88.1 and below as 64?

I can't tell whats happening in the TD-11 but my player is sending 88.2 and my USB converter in getting 88.2.  The TD-11 looks like it takes all formats up to 192 via coaxial input.  The sound is differently hi-res that's all I know.
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It does accept up to 192, but I wasn't sure if it had native support for odd in-between formats like 88.2. My Yulong D100 apparently resamples everything to 132, and the TD-11 is a Yulong design so it might be doing something similar.
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Anyone happened to use or audition the Grant Fidelity RPF-120 MKII Reference Power Conditioner?  If so, please PM.  Specifically, I'd like to hear about its effects on tonality and warmth.  Thanks,  
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  Anyone happened to use or audition the Grant Fidelity RPF-120 MKII Reference Power Conditioner?  If so, please PM.  Specifically, I'd like to hear about its effects on tonality and warmth.  Thanks,  

I haven't tried that particular one, but in my experience power conditioners only improve the sound if you have very poor quality power. If you have clean power to begin with, a power conditioner will have no effect whatsoever.
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If most of us were only so lucky to be able to have clean power!  Most of these lower priced power conditioners really are more like glorified power strips.  They can be very effective in what I call "sound," but timbral accuracy seems harder to come by.  That's why I was asking about the GF.  I will be changing the wall outlet for my computer audio system in a few days and I know from experience the improvement is often substantial.
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Grant TD-11 for sale with upgrade tubes included!!!
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just came in to say, if your volume pot ever gets crackly, before you go out to buy a can of deoxit or something similar, try turning your pot all the way left to right, back and forth about 20 to 30 times to clear out any dust etc.
that crackling was driving me crazy, i thought it was my tubes going bad or something wrong with my yamaha hs5's (god forbid) but doing this set everything back to basically the first day i bought this 
tubedac 11 is still a value champ in my eyes, never felt the need to upgrade
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I was also getting a terrible crackling on volume change; wonder if there is some design flaw that allows this to happen more easily than it should.
I ended up solving mine with Deoxit Cleaner (
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i recently had to move my setup around and right now i have my subwoofer (polk psw 505) hooked up directly to the line out so that i can route my pc audio as well as my home theatre audio throught the tubedac 11
is this safe? my fear is that the output on the tubedac 11 could somehow blow out the inputs on the sub, not sure what the max wattage on the sub is but hearing reassurance from some of you would go a long way to assuage my fears

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